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  1. I hope NV can get some more practice because they have a stacked team. They just need more practice and they can compete for top 4 atleast.
  2. That is part of the strategy of halo though. It gives the team the advantage that got to the powerup first.
  3. The lag in spectator mode is kinda annoying.... you can't really tell if they are getting head shots . I hope their is someway they can fix the lag or reduce it.
  4. I wonder if Puckett will commentate for halo again since MLG is sponsoring the tournies also what youtube will bring to the mix.
  5. The pro team are so washed they literally sweated their asses off during the entire tourny trying not to pull a muscle from trying to hard. GG though, despite all the quad hosting shit, they still won and looked pretty good.
  6. I think that 343 can build halo back up if they release multiple solid releases, even after the disaster of mcc, I think that people will notice it once more and go back to it. Their games would need to include incredible story mode as well as a solid, competitive multiplayer. If 343 keeps supporting the tournys their's no question that it will start rolling more and more and have players wanting to try it. We need to see game of the year awards coming for halo and I believe 343 can release a game with an excellent story/multiplayer that can supply a goty award. They have a great ranking system in my mind so that helps with players wanting to be the best. They cannot afford to release an unfinished game/crappy game, however if they do than they will fall hard and I will no longer support halo. I don't want to give them a pass for the disaster that mcc was, but I will accept it and move on because it was a pretty ambitious thing and I feel they weren't dedicated to the project as much as they are with halo 5 because it's a brand new title.
  7. Bravo said their will be multiple seasons and their will be a larger prize pool after each season's end with a Final. That got me really pumped when I heard him say that lol. I thought this was going to be the end of 343's competitive h2a tournies come March, but I guess we still have more halo Boys!
  8. I'm not surprised. This guy's personality is so relaxed and chill. I'm sure he will be easy to work with lol.
  9. I'm hyped for this event, but i'm not going to be expecting the greatest gameplay i've ever seen from the halo 5 beta... It's 2 months before they even release the beta. I'm not going to be upset if we see some bugs or low quality graphics.
  10. I don't get how u can turn off the medals? Will they still show up in the post game? Will they have categories for classic medals and new? I don't mind it as long as they don't show up in postgame... I just want to know the valuable medals like dbl trip sprees snipes and so on.
  11. Someone get this man a job at 343 please.
  12. Many Halo fans are disappointed because they wanted a more large map. I hope people in forge can satisfy the majority of people with good maps lol.
  13. Don't argue with things u literally know nothing about please :] lol it takes a lot more time to master br on keyboard/mouse than on controller. Yes, using the sniper is easier to kill on keyboard/mouse because u only need one headshot.... also the mouse has much more precision to it so once u are zoomed in with the snipe u can obliterate anyone. That's why it's better too because on the controller it doesn't have auto aim so u don't get cheated by people who auto aim u. Don't argue with shit u don't know nothing about bro, you are on a hardcore halo forum.
  14. Please go on h2v and use ur keyboard and mouse and try to 4 shot someone please. Thanks.
  15. The thing is though. It's hard as hell to play with keyboard and mouse because it has no auto aim. It sounds odd, but people who use controller have an advantage when it comes to getting headshots. I played halo 2 vista with keyboard and mouse and i was getting worked by controller players lol. I will say though that using the mouse for sniping is just ridiculous. U will get a headshot everytime if u use the sniper, but it's really hard to 4 shot kids
  16. http://www.twitch.tv/gamestop/b/567205481 fast forward to 3 hours 20 minutes
  17. ya, Halo 3 graphics have stood the test of time. It still looks great today. I don't really remember how I reacted to the graphics when the game came out, but I must've shit myself because they still look dam good lol.
  18. They should allow you to buy/unlock custom skins for ur weapons. Like csgo, and have really rare skins that are hard to get so u can show them off. So u go to pick up a br and it looks like a normal br, but u can press like d-pad down to change it to ur skin of choice. When u die with that skin on other people can pick it up and see it. It would be cool if it tracked how many headshots or hit % with each weapon also. Doing this imo makes people want to play more and unlock cool skins to show off. It's not like cod though, where u choose the class u want. you just go pick up the weapon on the map and hit a button to change it to ur skin.
  19. I think they said that they were going to show off some halo 1, but I want to see a live demo of halo 3 in 60fps not in 30.... that would be awesome. I can't imagine what halo 3 will feel like with 60fps.
  20. When are they going to unveil the next map? What convention is it going to be? Usually we have to wait like 3 weeks before they go to a new convention. What are some of the conventions coming up that they usually go to or in general? Also what kind of new things can they talk about with the master chief collection?
  21. Yea, he had the most insight on the players strategies and thoughts i feel. I was leaning a lot from him lol and he was pretty funny as well. Was that his first time casting? if so he did a pretty good job imo.
  22. I think they need to reduce the amount of medals obviously, but do we really think that they are going to do that though? To me it seems that they want to keep adding more and more medals for each halo. I could be wrong, but I think they aren't going to reduce the amount of medals in h2a. I'm really interested in learning more about the scripted elements you can put in your own map. I wonder how creative people will be with it and see how interesting the maps are that people make. To me the script feature looks like it will make h2a have a much bigger lifespan because it adds a whole different element to map making and seems really cool. Hopefully you can do a whole lot with the scripting and not just add waterfall elements or stalactites to a map lol. Once the hype dies down from this game though. Will it still be popular or will people just go back to cod or csgo. I appreciate all of the things 343 is doing to bring back halo and running tourneys, but the xbox one is not a very popular console and their are much more popular games currently out that have much bigger earnings from tourneys. To me I don't think halo can get more than popular csgo or cod. Having said that though I hope it becomes really popular and we start seeing much better tourney earnings with more and more people competing at them.
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