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  1. I don't take anything you guys say personally. No worries man. Don't feel bad.
  2. The only thing putting a smile on my face are the memes. Thank you guys for the support. Congrats to Optic & Liquid for making it in. Looking forward to watching them compete in the pro league.
  3. If there is I haven't seen any mention of it. And were the power rankings done on the show live?
  4. Scandals, upcoming events, predictions, current rankings, and current/future patches. Some of their talk shows would go well over 2 hours. They have most of their episodes on Youtube with the title "Summoning Insight Episode xx". The League scene has quite a few talking points to hit but I think a 30ish minute show would be perfect for Halo.
  5. Have that as a weekly show and think you have something there. Other eSport communities have been doing that to great success. My memory isn't the greatest but I think Starcraft had one that I believe JP and Incontrol ran. Another example is Thorin's and MonteCristo's show they had for LoL (i've been out of both scenes for awhile so I might be a little off but you get the picture). Both shows were successful at generating viewership and increasing interest in players/teams that might not have as big of presence on social media or twitch. I really think a weekly show like ESPN's Around the Horn would do wonders for discussion and bring in new personalities. There are some insightful people in the community and I think a show like that would give opportunities to bring them into the spotlight. This goes without saying but if someone wanted to do my suggestion I would be happy to help anyway I could.
  6. In my eyes it's awesome content. You have highly regarded community members submit a ranking of teams and average the results. I think that system works well (regardless where my team ends up on that list). Obviously people are going to have different opinions but that's what the forums are for. It makes for great discussions, keeps people in the loop, and gets the community more involved. I honesty think Team Beyond should do a weekly live stream of it. Hell i'd watch. People just have to understand that power rankings aren't for players, they're for the community. So I say keep that content coming.
  7. It was 95-60ish us when he lagged out. We had 2 caps and we were getting the trip cap. They knew they game was over and didn't ask for a replay. I have internet issues at times too so I know how that feels.
  8. I can't agree with this more. I really wish when they asked "Do you care what our team name is?" I would've said yes. I learned to never choose sleep over picking a team name.
  9. Its posts and comments like this that make my day. I had a few people from beyond encourage me to keep at it and play in the qualifier. Thank you man.
  10. My team is God Tier (I didnt find out about the name until day). I really didn't think I was going to play in the tournament so I told Elevate that Randa's team would be the best team to pickup.
  11. Appreciate the love. I don't see myself in the pro league with the players left and honestly I feel like I am always on the ass end of all this roster drama regardless of what my peers think of me. I loved my old team and I think ending on a high note at this point is the best thing for me to do.
  12. If the team isn't CLG, EG, or RNG they will have a legitimate chance at winning.
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