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  1. Id love to see that but i think there would be tons of backlash from m+kb players.
  2. When I played Titanfall on pc I had a 96% winrate with a controller. Movement is so much easier with bumper jumper and Elite paddles imo. I did grow up playing halo though, I'm sure it would be different if I grew up playing Counter Strike.
  3. Same... I want it to explode on PC. Thing is, it would feel wierd for me to play halo without a controller.
  4. I wish that team would have worked out. 2gre needs a championship in every halo.
  5. I'm pretty excited to watch this weekend. Ex Optic as Final Boss would have been pretty cool but I understand why they don't want to. It's really a shame with Optic though. There has been a lot of corporate drama lately and I feel it will only get worse. Hopefully they will realize that most people don't care nearly as much about the org as they do for the actual players/content creators. Optic used to be ALL about the players. I can see the COD team leaving in the future as well. Will be funny to watch as Optic Infinite loses its 3 championship winning teams (Halo, Gears, CoD), and all of its fan support because they aren't worth the ROI.
  6. Why not, arguably some of the best teams are there. You take what you can get lol. I do find it a little lame that CLG has no qualifiers or tournaments, hopefully they don't get complacent.
  7. Thanks a ton man. Gave you some reps for the trouble . Pax LAN is an awesome idea, double elim too! I have a feeling some of team changes were influenced by this, Ace to optic, regardless I think if optic keeps grinding they will do okay. I'm glad Heinz and 2gre are playing together, really rooting for them to get a good team. Dream would be Heinz 2gre APG Spartan. I think Heinz's positivity would be good for Spartan! Glad Ryanoob is doing good too.
  8. Sigh... I really want to catch up but with exam week I'm still 60+ pages behind . I will give multiple plus reps for a recap of any pro drama / teams since the announcement of pro league. We really need a weekly recap of the best of this thread for plebs like me who can't always keep up with the dankness.
  9. Where has ogre 2 been lately. 2gre commonly bubudubu huke would be a pretty sick team.
  10. Man I really wanted to see ogre 2 team up with some young guns, maybe on denial with huke bubu. He needs to get a win in H5 and he could prob teach a lot to those players.
  11. those chairs look so uncomfortable... look at the armrests no padding at all.
  12. 3 of the arguably top 4 teams made 5-8th. Feels bad man...
  13. god dammit i just bought an EG shirt lol single elim is bs though.
  14. I have a EG shirt with another coming in the mail. The logo on my first shirt was not nearly as vibrant as I thought it would be so I was a little disappointed with that. I want a CLG shirt as well but they only have a black with white logo and I'd rather have the blue CLG logo. If Heinz would stop switching teams so often I would get something from his team too lol.
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