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  1. Halo is my favourite competitive title by far and it hurts to say but the game is only being kept alive by adrenaline shots at this point. No one is excited about anything, there's no constant stream of information, there's just no reason to be invested in the HCS. There's small little exciting things and then no one capitalises on that to turn it into any form of momentum and things flat line again. Like you I've been following and invested for over 10 years. I've made friends from the Halo community and overall it's been a huge part of my life. But I've stopped coming here as much as I used to because I know I'll be able to catch up on every post in maximum 5 minutes, and that's not a slight at Team Beyond or the users it's that no one is posting or talking because there's nothing to talk about.
  2. To be honest I'm still mad about that whole apparently only 11% of people preferred no sprint survey.
  3. overuled

    Film Discussion

    I'm not anticipating much for Bumblebee judging by the key creatives. Director made Kubo and as much I liked the style and enjoyed it, I'm mostly just a sucker for stop motion anything. Writer is a whole different story. I struggled to make it through the absolute trash that was "Shut In" I don't really follow Transformers but surely there are interesting stories from their home planet that could be made into a movie? There's about to be six movies of them leveling entire cities while talking about protecting humans. Maybe that's just what people want from these movies though.
  4. overuled

    Film Discussion

    Cheddar Goblin was the real hero.
  5. I recently got a free copy of Halo 5 and MCC when I bought Spider-Man from Target. The sales person never asked me if I wanted it, never even asked if I owned an Xbox. They just handed it to me with my receipt. What’s most surprising is that they have a clearance section with tonnes of shit games being sold for $2-$10 and yet somehow Halo didn’t even get the bargain bin treatment.
  6. I recently heard a radio interview with Dean Lewis (the musician) where he spoke about competing in the WCG in Singapore. I remembered you competed in that tourney (I think I heard about it during the ACL days) so it was a weird collision of worlds.
  7. What happened in the last decade or so where people are against using their mic? I'm genuinely curious because I do this to, but back when I first got Xbox Live I was using that thing to talk to EVERYONE.
  8. I think my problem is that crypto is really just another payment option. Using it as a prize is weird, using it as an option for payout on prize isn’t. If you offer it and a winner wants their prize money paid in crypto then so be it. It should just be an option and not how you value your prize pool.
  9. I gave up on trying to discuss this when Postums replied to me on twitter and disagreed when I suggested those people who wanted AR starts would benefit from not having BRs on the map. I have nothing personally against 343 employees, but his point was people had been requesting it on Bnet since back in H3 and that's incredibly disingenuous. While it's true that people wanted AR starts anyone who was on Bnet back then would also remember the countless threads complaining about the BR. If you can't make the connection that a lot of "casual" BR hate came from it being incredibly overpowered in AR start gametypes then where the fuck did you think it came from? I've been on both sides of these games. Continually being killed almost right off spawn with no chance at fighting back is incredibly frustrating and over time would make me hate the BR too. You could take infinite AR start games and any semi competent persons first action would be to pickup a BR. I can also guarantee that a majority of AR start games are won by a team with a high total of BR kills. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp.
  10. Oh how I wish all these streams got saved and archived from the source. I would actively pay a good amount of money to watch them at the highest res available.
  11. Everyone should just congratulate Splyce on another H5 event win and play in the H3 2v2 instead.
  12. The horse we ride in this community can be quite high sometimes.
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