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  1. Then when they give you the spaghetti it's just the noodles. You have to wait for the sauce, meatballs, and the parmesan that should of been there to begin with. Then when you finally get that content you've been wanting you taste it, and it's that ketchup spaghetti sauce with a shit ton of oregano in it. You don't want this shit. You want that good homemade shit that Bungie made, but 343i doesn't want your feedback on how shit the spaghetti is, just enjoy what you got and be happy you're getting fed. You're going to have to adapt to that ketchup sauce.

    My first gamertag was fluffy evolved back in 05. I find myself agreeing with all of your posts and this analogy was perfect. Are you me?

  2. I understand the switch for Snip3down, but honestly the team sounded better to me with Rayne. I think Huke on E6 was surrounded by players that made space for him, this nV roster sounds like a lot of taken space. Also personal stats are very misleading, from what I've watched Snip3down is a much better use of that space. Dunno, think it's a mistake to drop Rayne unless there's something out there like he's a bad teammate for non-gameplay reasons, but he improved a bunch last season. I could understand also if Huke wanted to leave because he was unhappy or something, just think this is bad for nV (my opinion).

    I think dropping rayne sucks too, but at the very least it makes nV the clear #2 (on paper) and weakened e6 a lot. Couldnt have been an easy decision but to beat CLG some kind of team with huke had to be formed.

  3. Why? Personal dislike or something else?


    Ninja had the highest KDA on C9 for the pro league. Also was top 5 in the league in most of the obj stats. I would have thought that even people who don't like him would have recognized that he had a good season.


    I'd be really interested to see Leftovers run as Ninja-Hamy-Spartan-Penguin. Idk if that's even an option as several people here have said that ninja vic and symbolic are pretty much set in stone on c9. As much as I love Cam, I just think that could be a scarier team than the squad that was running last night.

    He also spent the most time dead I think. Just overly aggressive and inconsistent. I don't have anything against any pro player I just like to learn playstyles. I feel ninja is more often a detriment to teams. Replace him with Spartan who can do the same things but more consistently and that c9 roster is much more rounded imo.

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