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  1. Wow, thank you. Does hecz not have a say in his own brand anymore?
  2. Agreed. All this says is its numbers beat reach and h4. Not a very high bar. Especially considering the juggernaut title that halo was from 1 to 3.
  3. My first gamertag was fluffy evolved back in 05. I find myself agreeing with all of your posts and this analogy was perfect. Are you me?
  4. Haven was terrible? For h4 it was ok, but all the others were just slightly more terrible. Give me a lockout ish or sanctuary. Or some of pwnytars h1 maps would be great in h5.
  5. When events were close to me I would go and compete even if I didn't have a try hard squad. 4 buddies on a slight road trip to see other friends from halo, and hang out for the weekend is what open events are ACTUALLY about. Not going to happen with west coast events. I was so excited when I saw open LANs.
  6. I've been gone for a few days. Is cloud 9 out of the scene again already?
  7. If anyone needs a teammate or coach for Chattanooga hit me up. Haven't played since overwatch came out but I used to be pretty ok.
  8. If you ever do it message this username, I know several people that would love to come as well. (Assuming it would still be KY based)
  9. Weve talked about this twice. Once online after you randomly joined me and my buds for a night of matchmaking, and again in St Louis last year. Stop teasing.
  10. Can we get back to setting up scrims? C9 and e6 need to play so we can see who the new top 3 team is. Lets say 7 central time. Does this sparkle with everyone?
  11. Why would you ask me when someone joined liquid anyway? Aren't you their analyst and would know? Unless you were being a smartass. The way you interact with others on here just rubs me the wrong way. But yeah I meant running games and I slept last night wasn't aware penguin was in that spot.
  12. Roybox, 2gre, Naded would be cool to see. Victory to liquid in place of el town maybe?
  13. I think dropping rayne sucks too, but at the very least it makes nV the clear #2 (on paper) and weakened e6 a lot. Couldnt have been an easy decision but to beat CLG some kind of team with huke had to be formed.
  14. He also spent the most time dead I think. Just overly aggressive and inconsistent. I don't have anything against any pro player I just like to learn playstyles. I feel ninja is more often a detriment to teams. Replace him with Spartan who can do the same things but more consistently and that c9 roster is much more rounded imo.
  15. https://media4.giphy.com/media/xT8qBl0Bhi7TVG0UTe/200_s.gif Im on mobile and don't know how to meme very well but here ya go
  16. If leftovers could run games with penguin in place of ninja I'd be so happy.
  17. Lethul is one of the best all around players I've ever seen. He reminds me of Ogre2 in his prime. The h1 and h2 players like the ogres, zyos, and karma are legendary to me, but lethul is for sure on the same path of those players.
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