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  1. I nominate myself again. I've never hung out with forums kids. I want to fit in.
  2. I don't post a lot, and I've never posted a meme but I'd game. When we get eliminated you can use me as a scapegoat for not having studied memeology.
  3. I think I sent you a DM. I'm on mobile and my phone sucks.OT: who is on soul blue?
  4. While important people that have decision making power are looking at this thread: no radar. Please.
  5. Naded, Spartan, Commonly, APG, or throw Ryanoob in there instead of Commonly maybe. I just don't see anyone taking down CLG. We need formal and enable back.
  6. While I disagree with virtually all of these, maybe could see the Ryanoob squad, thank you for helping my understand the thought process.
  7. I think a team that's close to my reach dream team would be interesting in h5. Blaze, Naded, APG, Maniac. Edit: the good blaze, not the rozay one.
  8. I don't think a single one of these is realistic. I don't normally post but these are just so far out there I had to ask what made you think of some of these teams? I'm legitimately asking, not being a douche.
  9. Gamertag is konfliction message me on xbl.
  10. I added you but I've never seen you online. Me and botchy hawk from circa still need 2. We have 1495 points a piece. My tag is konfliction.
  11. If anyone needs a solid all around player with good communication Kevlar is your man. No ego, assist machine. Someone hit him up.
  12. No its #wearecirca. New, smaller org but they're taking good care of us.
  13. WithoutWarning is now Circa eSports and we have Twitchay back on the roster.
  14. Just in case my team gets posted on here, WithoutWarning needs 1. Twitchay is off the roster.
  15. We're lookin to run games this week to replace twitchay. Message my gamertag konfliction or sir toxsik.
  16. I could see if zyos is interested in doing one. If he is who do I contact?
  17. We didn't break any rules. We wanted to remove hyzen and couldnt because it wasn't a transfer period. Roster glitched and he somehow got kicked off the roster anyway via an admins fuck up. So we lost our seed. They allowed us to add him back even though he was just a sub so we could keep our seed... after we proved we didn't actually kick him.
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