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  1. Your playstyle allows a player like Ola to do his thing. When I gamed my playstyle was similar to Ola's and my favorite teammates were the aggro in your face players that distracted the other team for me to flank. Radar killed my playstyle. I had a chance to run games with you early h3 and didn't because I was told you had an ego at the time. #regret
  2. But the difference is someone's competitive spirit. I'm over competitive. I'm gonna try my brains out against you whether its halo or if we're playing checkers. I'm sure the guys on CLG have a healthy competitive drive whether they have money or not. Even if I won the lottery I'd still compete just as hard. And id be bored if all I did was win in 4-0 fashion.
  3. I was thinking CLG must be bored. Currently there is no one close. I used to compete and I dominated my local lans to the point people wouldn't show up anymore to the reach tourneys. It got boring always beating people so easily. When elamite and clutch started showing up to play me in the finals I loved it because I started to be challenged and would lose. Winning all the time is great but getting challenged for that win is so much better.
  4. @@PaPaMikwen can you tell mikwen he's grounded if nV doesn't run games with snip3down? Tried to tag papamikwen not sure if its working on mobile
  5. That was my initial thought but as streaky as Rayne is you dont need another streaky player. They need someone that can consistently clutch 1v1s and eL town isn't that guy.
  6. Replacing eL town with snip3down would make nV so much more formidable. Naded for ninja would be interesting too.
  7. Wait so they're not going to show relegation matches? Thats a huge part of the HCS, showing that amature teams can rise up and take pro team spots. Viewers love that type of hype. Baffling.
  8. So is there a lan happening this weekend? If so could I get times please? I've been in the hospital for a few days having a son.
  9. Mine do this as well. Claw and all. Even when I hold a gun my middle finger goes to the trigger while my index lays on the side.
  10. Has there been studies about the effects of clawing? Genuinely curious where people get this from. Id say any which way of holding a controller hasn't been around long enough for anyone to say there will be a lasting impact or if it will be fine. Texting has been popular for about a decade now and there's already "textneck". You'd think we would have ran into clawhand or something by now.
  11. I've been clawing since 2001 before I even knew it was a thing. I just naturally held the controller that way. My index finger is slightly curved on my right hand but other then that my hands are totally fine.
  12. Could someone summarize what commonly said please? I've missed it.
  13. Neighbor should be on this list somewhere. And 09 Naded. Honorable mentions to perplexity and reliable.
  14. Botchy is a top AM player, I can't wait for more people to notice.
  15. Spartan depression if his previous team of RNG qualifies, and optic who he rejected also qualify, is gonna be horrible.
  16. Gandhi mainslayed against the ogres/strongside/legit/neighbor/naded in their prime successfully. He was pretty good. Towards the end of h2 he started to not play as much and it showed.
  17. What time is the CLG OG scrim? Wife wants to go to dinner but if it's soon I'm dodging it EG status. Edit: someone above just posted 10 est thanks.
  18. FFA and 2v2 would be awesome, but I promise it wouldn't be less competitive.
  19. Why did jimbo say in his video that "I'm still with snipedrone...mehh"? He doesn't seem to enthused about it.
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