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  1. I haven't seen them win a single scrim. And if they win a scrim it's so close that a pee break has me missing out. And when they win games they're extremely close games. Many post game rants. And arguments. The list goes on but needless to say a ninja fan from 2011 I'm finding this as one of his weakest rosters.

    You must have only watched them scrim CLG... They have won every single scrim they have run with this roster except against CLG. Your post is ridiculous.

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  2. Oh shit my classroom post is number 13  :flames:  :flames:  :flames:  :flames:


    Pulling the "I'm a teacher" card is great for getting +rep, just an FYI for those looking into careers.  :kappa:

    So that's the secret? I had one of my students watching the HWC this past weekend and talking all  about it now apparently watch 2gre stream. I'm doing the good work from the teacher desk as well man. Keep fighting the good fight haha.

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  3. I've been thinking, Ogre2 usually teams with players that he believes he can win with. If this is the team he wants especially at a time when lots of rosters are probably going to change and lots of players are available, it says a lot.

    This team is leftovers before the commonly to EG and with 2gre in place of Spartan. That team was getting pretty damn good and now you add in 2gre. I think it can be a contender.

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  4. Scuff sticks are so much better and the paddles feel better to me at least. Elite sticks are heavy and the paddles are really sensitive and in a weird spot. But for the price tag and longevity Elite is the way to go.

    This, The Scuff Infinity is an awesome controller with all the customization options of the elite plus some as well as color options. The sticks are so much better than those of a regular xbone or elite controller and the paddles are better as well. 

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  5. I don't think RNG is ever going to figure out that Nest and Bottom mid is the best set up. They never get nest first always yard and then lose bottom mid because of it and it takes them too long to get points and they can't climb out of the hole. When they get trip caps they need to set back up to hold nest and bottom and forget about yard. Having a trip cap is a luxury, if you get it great, get back to nest immediately.

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  6. Is anyone calling for a new coach on Renegades, yet?  Seems to me they need a very vocal coach with a strong personality and a competetive resume that demands respect from the team..    #Walshy

    Any other suggestions?

    I think a good coach would do them a world of good. What is Nasa doing these days? If he is coaching another team they need to steal him away, he was really good for Ambush during H4 and was vocal and on top of weapons and powerups which is what RNG need.

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  7. I think RNG just needs more time to gel and get their strats together. Too many little mistakes are costing them games they should be winning. Not just individuals making stupid decisions but overall map positioning errors that flip spawns or give up control of better positioning. This is from all members. I think they are all individually talented and that gets them past other top 8 type teams because they are just a better overall collection of talent, but when the talent is nearly the same it is the teamwork element that is causing them to lose out.

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