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  1. You are clearly behind in this thread.
  2. What the hell weapon do people think we are talking about when we say BR? H4? Just because it is the recent version? If you guys are arguing DMR over those versions then you aren't even arguing with the people you think you are. Obviously most of us saying BR are talking about the H2 BR. Anything else is just silly.
  3. You can't leave the H2 BR out of the equation. The H2 BR perhaps with an even quicker kill time is exactly what I want out of a BR. So if you agree the H2 BR is as good a weapon as the one you are championing, then as Ghost says we are simply arguing which mechanic we prefer. I prefer the BR you the DMR and I simply feel that the majority of people are comfortable and would want to play with the BR as the main weapon of the next Halo game. Of course this is assuming the next Halo is actually Halo and not Reach before a million changes or Halo 4 that still managed to suck even with the improvements they made after release. I'm not saying we need to dumb-down anything about the core mechanic of Halo to attract greater audience unless you are championing Halo: CE as your formula for success in which case you could maybe say so. I simply feel the H2 formula is where success lies for greatest reach as well as competitive balance. Obviously not just a rehash of the game, but the basic formula that made Halo 2 great is what I feel 343 should strive to recreate for the next multiplayer experience. We should be aiming for that core mechanic in my opinion.
  4. SMH. That is the whole point... What is the first major difference that anyone can see from CE to H2 and H3? The primary is the pistol, not the BR. It is the most overt difference. The entire premise of the argument that CE isn't accessible is the fact that the 3 shot pistol is a tougher weapon to use than the burst fire BR, but that the BR is still a competitive enough weapon to satisfy the competitive scene and not alienate the rest of the community.
  5. Go back a page and see where I explain why "worked for CE" doesn't work for our needs now.
  6. Does that matter? You alluded to the main issue in your post, the community will react that way. We need the community to come back, so why would we not want to do what we know will attract the community to the game more? It isn't logical to force something you know will discourage people from playing even if you truly believe it is a "better" weapon. People want Halo to be what Halo once was, and for most people this is the H2-H3 days when it was the big thing with MLG. Dropping the iconic weapon from that period in favor of a weapon that is from an inferior game is not going to do what we want in terms of bringing back the population. This isn't simply based in nostalgia either. I hate that pathetic line. Simply because someone like the way Halo played with the BR as the primary in the classic Halo format over the DMR does not automatically mean it is rooted in nostalgia. Believe it or not people can like things simply because they prefer the way it plays. The nostalgia argument is a fallacious one that should disappear from reasoned discussion. Discuss the weapons on their merits and how people want the game to play rather than a tired argument that simply doesn't hold water simply because someone is championing an older weapon that you think is inferior for competitive play. The classic Halo experience had a nice skill gap, but it wasn't inaccessible by the general populace. Now we have CoD to compete with and that game is very instant gratification oriented. You can't make Halo even more difficult to get into by increasing the skill gap beyond what it was. The game has to be accessible to the average player while still maintaining a skill gap that separates the Pro from the Am. Halo 2 and Halo 3 had this with the BR over CE with the pistol. These games had a skill gap, yet were still able to capture the general audience BECAUSE they could miss a bullet from a burst or two and still win a battle. There is a fine line between too much skill gap and not enough. CE was in a time where there was no competition and therefore the greater skill gap was ok and most people playing the game didn't even know about the competitive scene. Those days are gone and with Bungie and 343 changing the basic formula Halo had success with we have seen a decline as they have taken the game into the realm of not being competitive enough. The answer to that issue is not, however, to go back to the CE era in terms of competitive purity. There must be a happy medium and in my opinion that is to stick with the BR as the primary weapon and to implement it more as it was in Halo 2 perhaps even speeding the kill time slightly. Do this along with the obvious removal of sprint and reintroduction of descope as well as the shrinking of maps that will come with removing sprint and maybe we will be back at a place where Halo will feel like Halo again. Maybe it won't be the level of competitive game it could be with the DMR, but it will be accessible and it will still be the most competitive console FPS out there. Just how I see it.
  7. Because screw Reach and Halo 4. I would rather wash the game of everything those game introduced, get back to Halo and maybe try to add some features to the great core we had.
  8. I see two paths for 343. Continue down the path they are on and kill multiplayer or return to the formula that made Halo great. The hardcore guys that love Halo stuck with Halo 4 and tried so hard to play the game, but it wasn't enough. The multiplayer sucks and I don't see how there can even be a debate about that with any seriousness. The numbers speak for themselves. Halo 3, a much older game, probably has a comparable multiplayer population right now.
  9. The first time I heard duh duh da duh... Halo music just hasn't been the same recently.
  10. Played my first game of H3 in years today. I have a severely bruised left thumb so some movement is damn near impossible at the moment but I did suffer through the pain to t-bag this one kid for old times sake. I tried to sprint within the first seconds of the game thanks to Halo 4, but I quickly got back into the habit of real Halo movement (albeit a bit sluggish thanks to the already mentioned thumb issue). Still had button issues because I switched to bumper jumper for H4 as well, but once I got that all sorted out I dug myself back out of the -K/D hole I had to finish in the positive on Team Slayer Construct. All in all it was nice to be back on an actual Halo game, but I probably will take another week away from the sticks so my thumb can heal up and I can actually play.
  11. No, we can't. Sprint has to go because of what it has done to maps. With 4sk BR, sprint is still frustrating when people run away with it, but it is bearable. However, the maps in Halo 4 are too freaking big and this is because of sprint. The maps are a huge element of the game, even if all other things are great if you have shitty maps nobody will want to play the game.
  12. This is where you are wrong and coming from a CoD person is really an interesting point of view to have in my opinion since CoD's basic gameplay hasn't changed and it continues to grow in popularity. I look at the facts in front of me. Halo has continued to evolve and aside from one arguable blip up from CE to Halo 2 it has all been downhill. Even Halo 3 in my opinion is a step down for the franchise, but at least this was a tiny step and once you put on MLG settings it is fine. Then you look at CoD. What has changed since Modern Warfare? Basically nothing aside from adding in great things like league play and spectator mode. The gameplay is essentially the same as it has been. The game changes in its visuals and even that is negligible. At its core CoD has remained the same. The same cannot be said of Halo. Halo 3 was the last real Halo and even its crap pretend ordinance like bubble shields did not change the core aspect of what made it Halo. These things made playing regular slayer less fun than Halo 2, but the core movement and aiming and damage and all of that remained essentially the same and the competitive scene soared. Then Reach came out and changed the core of what Halo was, not adding some new bells and whistles, but changing the game at its most basic level. This changed element was the basis of Halo 4 and this is the problem. We want the game to be based on the core elements of what made Halo great, no they can't continue to package the exact same game and update the look, but they can keep the gameplay the same and add features to that rather than changing the core of Halo. CoD has done this the right way, Halo hasn't. Period.
  13. Thats not really his point though, he's just wondering why people feel the need to be assholes even when he isn't the one doing so bad.
  14. Inorite? They were front page of Twitch too and just ended it...
  15. Nobody can claim Ninja hasn't won a real event now...
  16. As this is basically Team Slayer from past Halo's I agree AR start is fine (though some BR start options would be nice like the past as well) but it does need the pistol as a secondary at least, which is also pretty traditional. Plus some of the maps need tweaking. First time I played Haven and the other team went straight for rockets that I didn't know were there was ridiculous. Rockets on Haven suck. Also there is a beam rifle on Skyline and while its totally fun to pick up it is way OP. First game on there I found it bottom mid and that was all I used all game and I felt like I had God Mode turned on. The other team running around with AR's and me with a weapon that is pretty damn hard to miss with? Needless to say I did not die once that game and we won very easily.
  17. This is going to come off sarcastic so I apologize in advance. Pat yourself on the back for being the morally superior gamer, then again why is your 2-3 minutes setting up a match more valuable than my 10-15 playing a terrible gametype?
  18. He has a lot of fans, so some people feel the need to balance that with hate. If Ghost says he's good he must be good. I'll take a National Champions opinion over joe blow any day.
  19. If they would just get rid of monolith and solari I would be happy. I would love to see a Doubles Pro playlist, but at least infinity is tolerable in doubles.
  20. The thread started that way but others have been talking about other lists as well. For Team Throwdown yeah I'm fine with it. For anything else, the ability to leave should stay.
  21. Until the matchmaking playlists don't have crappy options backing out needs to stay. I never back out because of playing a certain team/person, but if I'm in a lobby for example on doubles and all the options are monolith or solari I'm backing out. Those are terrible options not worth playing. Why sit through a gametype that you absolutely hate when you can back out. If the playlists of Halo 4 were better then there would be no need for this, but the reality is there are some really bad gametypes out there and many of them end up being the first in the hopper.
  22. The chat represents a very small portion of the people actually watching. Listen ins are good in really intense games, but the casters are what really change the dynamic and make an event more exciting. Otherwise it is basically the same as watching a player stream just a little more intense because money is on the line.
  23. I can't believe my eyes! So awesome!
  24. Map - Lockout Gametype - Extraction Weapon - BR (H2 if you need specifics) Playlist - Team Hardcore
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