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  1. Jesus, Renegades just keep throwing games away with stupid plays. This time Stellur with the colossal choke of OS and sniper... smh
  2. With flag on his side of the map, decided to help a teammate kill a guy on camo instead of just running the flag into base. amo dude dropped a splinter nade and killed both players. ALG counter capped.
  3. Whatever it is renegades changes when they get a decent lead in slayer needs to stop. They keep choking away slayers after getting leads past the midway point of slayers. Clearly they are changing something in the way they play and it is costing them games.
  4. All this stuff going on and I finally remember my password to log and post... I hope sStellur proves to be a good replacement for Commonly on RNG. I really want the @@Ninja and @@Spartan duo to do big things.
  5. no it isn't you just have to be able to shoot with it.
  6. You guys must have the worst luck because I have not had any problem getting games or having uneven games on any playlist I have played for the past week or so. The biggest issue I have is having teammates quit or having no thumbs or betraying me more than they kill the other team. All of my issues with the game right now are community problems, not game problems. I pretty much stick to H2C lately and I also don't get the hit box issues some complain of, it seems to work pretty well the past few days.
  7. And yet they dont play the crappy games with sprint in them either... You might be right that they don't care, but they clearly don't know what is good for them either if they don't but they quit playing Reach or 4 after a month. When they grew up grinding H3 and H2.
  8. I'd like to know where this data comes from...
  9. I don't understand that push from Cloud 9. They had the lead and turned it into a deficit pushing from BR to snipe against the power weapons...
  10. "unplug your controller!" hilarious trash talk by RC. The Sudds can be annoying, but I'm pulling for them in this replay.
  11. Allegedly, he says he said it multiple times, but the only thing I ever heard, on THEIR listen in, was him complain after they were going to lose in the final seconds of the game.
  12. Sounds like he is trying to find a way to avert the comeback RC made, scum taking advantage of previous tech difficulties imo. It sounded really sketchy on stream.
  13. l Pat Ma l Montgomery (Prattville)
  14. My two cents: People fanboying the game after watching the video as well as those bashing it are both off base already. You can't make a decision on something before you try it. At this point I'll take the opinion of those who have some actual hands on experience over the keyboard jockey's who have no feel for the game. Seeing people say the game "feels" a certain way off of watching it have no idea what they are talking about. If you haven't experienced it you have no feel for it at all, watching is not the same as playing. Right now I'm cautiously optimistic that the Beta will be enjoyable based on what those who have played it have said, however, I'm reserving judgement for when I get to play myself. Many of you have already written the game off and even if it is good at this point some of you are already past the point of no return and won't admit to it because you have already developed a prejudice against it based off of a few minutes of footage. My personal opinion of the footage was that it is a pretty game and after getting past some of the initial shock it looks like it can be a good game with maybe a few tweaks here and there.
  15. Just joined. On the 360 for now, add me l Pat Ma l
  16. Yeah, I like the screen shake, but agree it could be toned down a little. I don't mind the grenade thing either way though I do wonder if they could tie the hitmarkers in with radar so that you can toggle it off for competitive play. I have no doubt they will see profit for coming out with some more maps, but even if not I think this game has a ton of potential on circuit and I can't wait to play it myself. I was one of those just waiting waiting for classic H2, but this tourney has me really looking forward to the H2A experience. Also, nice avatar. Love Mad Max.
  17. After this I can't imagine we will be playing anything other than H2A. Dev support man... Not to mention it plays well, has some new dynamics and looks phenomenal.
  18. The xbox is being rated higher right now and it is only going to get better. Many of the functions of the xbox wont be taken advantage of at launch and other parts are still in beta. Once they get everything sorted and companies are taking advantage of the innovations that come with the xbox it will have sony fanboys crying into their pillows at night. I'm looking forward to a lot of the integration between my computer, my phone and my xbox especially with things like project spark.
  19. Tweet it out to the pros and those like Gandhi and Ghost as well. If they forward it to 343 there is more chance of them actually looking at it.
  20. I'll still buy the game, but only because I am so invested into the story at this point I can't just not get it. I can say with 99.9% certainty though that if H5 has sprint I won't be getting into the multiplayer. I'm tired of gigantic maps in my ARENA shooter and people running around like idiots.
  21. CoD, smh... It is a sad state of affairs we are in when this is being championed.
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