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  1. We have internet here?? Guess I don't need this 200 mile ethernet cable anymore...
  2. Feels like something like this always happens to RNG. Don't say so in @@Ninja chat though...
  3. You must have only watched them scrim CLG... They have won every single scrim they have run with this roster except against CLG. Your post is ridiculous.
  4. That one tourney where RNG was together for like a week?
  5. Hell I'm thinking of being an E6 fan just for that sweet sweet logo they have.
  6. He threw that in as an after thought though, just to try and make it seem like 2gre, ninj and vicx aren't already a team.
  7. He also said FiS was a wildcard though and didn't know about that as a roster, just the most fun.
  8. So that's the secret? I had one of my students watching the HWC this past weekend and talking all about it now apparently watch 2gre stream. I'm doing the good work from the teacher desk as well man. Keep fighting the good fight haha.
  9. This team is leftovers before the commonly to EG and with 2gre in place of Spartan. That team was getting pretty damn good and now you add in 2gre. I think it can be a contender.
  10. No ring for the coach? Coach gets no love at all. Coaches get rings in sports, why not esports? They are part of the team after all.
  11. More giveaways? That's why I'm here!
  12. Need 2 now, just joined the hype train.
  13. This, The Scuff Infinity is an awesome controller with all the customization options of the elite plus some as well as color options. The sticks are so much better than those of a regular xbone or elite controller and the paddles are better as well.
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