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  1. Competitive Halo player here. I have been to two Iron Gaming events. Both were H3 FFA. Got semi-finals in the first one and in the most recent in Chatty, TN I placed 3rd under Str8 Sick and Suddoth 2. If any local players want to play hit me up. I'm located in North East MS. GT: Sunlight Shines
  2. Would be a nice Christmas present. Looking forward to the new year. :nugget:
  3. It would probably take a complete redesign but using the water from awash for the creek part would definately make this remake for me. I could help if you want as well. We could make it look a bit more natural.
  4. I made a version of Shrine that is very close to the Reach version of Sanctuary for Slayer. Both for player spawning and for what weapons and where weapons spawn on the map. Including camo bottom mid. I haven't been able to figure out how to give static weapon spawns yet but that is in the works. If anyone could help with that it would be amazing. The spawning for camo is the same as it is on Warlock. I also closed off the snipe hut lifts top and bottom. I left the Assault rifles where they spawn by default because I thought they were good for ring 2 rushes. Any help or suggestions would be awesome. My GT is: Sunlight Shines. The map is in my fileshare.
  5. Just thought I'd drop in here and say what's up to everyone before I continue my journey into the forum. I play Halo competitively and will do everything I can to bring it back to the top shooter spot it deserves.

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