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  1. Kinguin and then pull that sponsor I tried it but failed
  2. I think were all just confused because Robby is ContrAdicting himself in his tweets
  3. We promise not to make him hate us like the Denial CEO
  4. I understand where you're coming from slightly with the contracts, but the assistance an org provides with flights, hotels, food, gear definitely outweighs it. And most orgs will release players if they're good because that player can just refuse to play.
  5. Id really like to see a Ninja, Vic X, Heinz and APG team Youve got the chemistry on both sides from teaming and its stacked in veteran ability.
  6. I think its currently balanced with the other weapons in the game, and the TTK when teamshot is going is super fast, so I vote for no change surprisingly to the TTK but I am up for putting the mag to 15 instead of 12. I am open to H2 BR starts testing just because I just wanna see how it looks with the added mechanics. -Radar removed cause useless anyway, adds nothing but crouching with autos. -Storm rifle and smg nerfed -Weapon starts testing again just to see which is the best overall combo -Spartan charge thrown out of this damn game
  7. Yeah thats what I meant, its a sensible car that he bought for himself, kid is super responsible with his winnings.
  8. I mean i feel like most players are in a well off spot with orgs paying their monthly, and if they stream theres another income. So the 175k is a great thing because it allows them no excuse whatsoever to be distracted when they start pro league and the second season of HWC for another possible million+ That money gets you a lot of things like you said if theyre smart, luckily CLG is a pretty smart group, all of them remind me of formal when it comes to money, formal basically bought himself a nice car and thats it.
  9. Breaking bad, rewatched it about 5 times. Also looks like hes like "fuck it, im done" so i thought itd work
  10. Yeah theyre just playing mm right now The unnoficial team is ninja victory ogre and commonly
  11. I once went to the pool with a douche friend of my cousin cause they were on vacation so I asked what was up with the socks, and he told me he hates sunburnt feet But fuck that guy, and fuck anyone who wears socks to the pool.
  12. Variety to the competitive sandbox. However radar needs to be removed or the autos like storm rifle and smg need a nerf cause the radar bait is always gonna happen. Radar honestly is so small that I think hurts the game at times because it destroys those sneaky pushes, and aggression in certain scenarios. My two cents.
  13. IMO I think they didnt fully like playing together and had their issues with not closing out series when leading, and of course by x games you are roster locked for worlds. Yet again they couldn't beat Allegiance, so the break up is necessary to try to find success cause something is wrong, but we wont know who made the right decision until one outplaces the other. Best of luck to both squads, and of course naded whos in an excellent position regardless of where he goes.
  14. I did 3 years of tv production back in the day, so heres constructive criticism Things you did well: -Transitions -General flow, the points where you used slow motion was good Places where you could use improvement: -Never use white lettering on bright backgrounds, or any other bright colors for that matter. -Your color correction is too high, it puts too much contrast and is generally not needed to improve the video. -Screen shake, ripple and other effects are played out as theyre usually the available effects. Basically you have to look at editing as something that enhances, if it doesnt add much to the clip it doesnt need it, ive learned this from critiquing early videos I used to edit in class.
  15. Overall ive been pretty disappointed with the xbox one, H5 is good if you have the time to dedicate to it because theres a good learning curve. I pretty much play Rocket league, Halo and Blops 3. Ill always say if you have the money buy a PC, if you like Halo buy an xbox, if you dont like Halo buy a PS4.
  16. Lol at Lethul wising up and not talking trash to snip3down this time. Also nice to see that you guys are still civil.
  17. So idk if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I was watching H1 pistol customs in snipedowns stream and he was saying something about the shots not hitting. So I wanted to see it in a custom game and found out that if you use it semi auto there is no spread within reticule, but if you hold the trigger that bullet can land anywhere within the reticule.
  18. you need to start playing scratch offs lol
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