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  1. I already did? But people just make jokes / insult me instead of addressing them so whatever lol.
  2. Yep I agree with you on the first point and it was very similar with H5, playing on my own I really did not enjoy it. My first impressions of this game so far though is that it is already more fun to play on a casual basis, combined with the F2P aspect means it should do better than H5. More players overall is good for the competitive scene as well I believe.
  3. I don't really understand this post. Honestly, I don't go on forums like this very often so when I do I find a lot of the negativity quite overwhelming and to me a lot of it seems like a circlejerk. I find it strange that you thought I sounded like an angsty teen for saying there is too much negativity because I just don't see the correlation. And I am sure it would be more or less a universally held view that dirt on pizza doesn't taste good. Hardly the same as discussing the good and bad points of a video game! But hey, if that is your starting position I think you're kinda proving my point already!
  4. I'm more salty over the fact Goldenboy got to be one of the judges and you didn't
  5. Played this for the first time last night and I have to say it is probably 343's best effort so far (well aside from H2A). It is definitely a lot more fun than H5 which had a wide skill gap but I found difficult to play for more than a couple of hours at the most. I am disappointed they chose AR starts as this can make it difficult to gauge the quality of the gameplay and the pistol was completely ineffective beyond mid range. Hopefully they are not going to stick with AR starts as the default game type for launch. However, even in AR battles I found that the movement was good enough that you could make a pretty good fist of avoiding your opponent's shots which is a good sign for BR v BR battles. The G Hammer is so OP lol it will need nerfed. Out of the maps, I think Recharge has promise. Didn't like Bazaar at all as it is a 'standoff' type map but might work for ctf. Overall, I am quite optimistic about this game from a competitive standpoint (don't hate). I don't really see anything that will help the game retain players better than the previous 343 Halo's have though. I probably won't read many of the replies here because I know what you guys are like. Usually it is just overwhelming negativity and complaining (don't worry that's every forum lol you're not unique). But if anyone wants to respond to my post with some constructive points about what the game's deficiencies I would be happy to discuss. Lots of love
  6. Damn what a great finale to the event that was. As Simms said it is great to see a team showing real emotion to a win like they actually care. I think all the guys on Sentinels are awesome players but do they ever even smile? Seeing that event really makes me wish we could have a thriving Halo e-sports scene, unfortunately this is unlikely to happen because we need a title that is able to sustain a large and passionate player base. Halo as a franchise honestly has no hype surrounding it atm and does anybody in the world honestly think Infinite is going to be the title that brings Halo back? Regardless, as long as Halo events exist I will continue to watch because I love the personalities and the players that go along with it. Big shout out to the casters this past weekend doing an awesome job despite the downtime and what appeared to be exhaustively long hours at times. Also same goes to our host Shyway, he makes a few mistakes here and there but the guy absolutely loves Halo and you can't fault that. Also to anybody who sticks with Halo through thick and thin: Thank you so much, I love you and you are awesome.
  7. Why don't they just play on xbox? I don't get all this PC stuff, why would PC players care about Halo? Very confusing to a guy of such humble origins like myself.
  8. Damn I hope so it is just a bit sad when they finish a tournament like that and there is no certainty as to when the next one will be. I love watching any Halo event no matter what game (no Halo 4 lol) but I think CE deserves a bit more exposure considering the only people left watching this tournament have to be the hardest of hardcore fans I can't imagine it getting much less viewership.
  9. Gotta say I thought this tournament was absolutely fantastic to watch, not just because I am a Halo 3 fanboy and love watching it being played competitively (for the most part) but also the way the whole show was organised and presented was just very entertaining. Almost no down time, some really amazing chemistry between the casters/presenters and a bit of casual fun in the form of the rivals series really made this tournament something special imo. Obviously it would be nice to have more viewers but I think there is enough to sustain the circuit and if they keep on producing quality shows then I think there is a good chance the viewership will increase. I am not going to let low viewership stop me from enjoying the show though.
  10. Do you really think they haven't made a massive profit from Destiny 2 already? The whole of the Destiny franchise is just one long, drawn out cash grab.
  11. I think that I got 0 kills for at least my first 5 games of H3, maybe more. I know it's hard to believe but I had literally never played an FPS before... The difference with H3 was that I was actually playing with friends and I learnt while playing alongside them and having a fun social experience.
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