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  1. So I upgraded my CPU Heatsync to the Corsair AIO H75 Liquid Cooling unit. Gotta say, I love it.


    Temperatures before/after



    CPU @ Idle: 40-50 Degrees * C (no background tasks)

    CPU @ Gaming (Overwatch specifically): 70-80 * C



    CPU @ Idle: 5-10 * C (no background tasks)

    CPI @ Gaming (Overwatch Specifically): 30-40 * C 


    Edit: Here's a picture after the install and running:


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  2. I hate me too ;)



    But seriously...


    My SSD missed its Fedex truck to be delivered and I paid for 1 day shipping, and the Battlefront beta is tonight......AND I already put my old SSD into my laptop. Desktop is useless right now....

    get that shipping refunded lmao

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  3. CSGO players in and around the London area:


    The Annual Forest City Comic Con is holding a CSGO tournament this year. Would 4 others be interested in teaming for this event?





    PC Gaming will have a guaranteed prizing pool of $750 for each League of League of Legends & Counter Strike: Global Offensive (prizing pool is $15 per person registration).


    ***Note: For the PC tournaments a team of 5 is required and is registered by the team leader all together.***


    All PC Gaming Tournaments are BYOC (Bring your own Computer).




    Before August 31: $47 - Important note: registration ALSO includes convention admission (full convention access). (Team of five - $235)

    After August 31: $51 - Important note: registration ALSO includes convention admission (full convention access). (Team of five - $255)

  4. Mac books suck Kappa.

    To each their own, but Mac Books are good for somethings, just not all.

    Surface Pros look neat, but to me its not worth it. You can build a custom PC FAR more powerful that those things.

    i was not serious by any means.


    If you want a glorified Web Browser, go with the Mac line up hue hue hue.


    Surface Pros are totally worth it, and would even say they are far better than Laptops. I would never compare a Desktop Windows PC to a Surface Pro Tablet, but with a Laptop? Surface Pros blow them out of the water.

  5. You would have to answer a lot of questions, like: What Operating system do I need/will work for what I am doing? How much disk space do I need (Id go for a solid state drive...they blow hard drives cleanly away in terms of power and speed)? What kind of CPU would be necessary? a dual core i5? Quad core i7? How much RAM do you need? 6-8 gigs? 10gigs? Do you want a touch screen laptop (NO...no no.. NOOO on that one) or a full blown laptop?

    i say give a laptop the same digitizer as a Surface Pro 2 (even 3) and it would be awesome. but at that point you might as well get a surface pro lolol


    on topic,


    get  a macbook. Kappa

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