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  1. So I upgraded my CPU Heatsync to the Corsair AIO H75 Liquid Cooling unit. Gotta say, I love it. Temperatures before/after Before CPU @ Idle: 40-50 Degrees * C (no background tasks) CPU @ Gaming (Overwatch specifically): 70-80 * C After CPU @ Idle: 5-10 * C (no background tasks) CPI @ Gaming (Overwatch Specifically): 30-40 * C Edit: Here's a picture after the install and running:
  2. @@ZerueLX11 Whats your thoughts on ultra wide curved monitors?
  3. I'm on right now on PC/US if anyone wants to game. Bnet is omgoblin#1140
  4. Add me on Battle Net if you're gaming on PC omgoblin#1140
  5. I have my PC (which is in a Coolermaster HAF XB) sitting ontop of my mini fridge looool. speaking of which, I actually need to get a new heatsync on my machine. its running one that came with my processor. EEK.
  6. Any Black Ops 3 PC Players, add me on steam: OMGOBLIN
  7. What are your mouse settings in game? I usually turn off all the extra mouse settings. Check this page out that has some ideas that could help. http://www.gamersnexus.net/gg/2170-black-ops-3-mouse-acceleration-fix Also, whats your steam? Hahaha
  8. I was going to wait for the Zen arc from AMD but when I learned the R9 390s boxing day sale was the lowest it'll ever be again, I nabbed it. I'll upgrade to next Arc after this card has had atleast 5 years of life
  9. God damn dude. This card is such a beast. Great upgrade from my 760 twin frozr.
  10. Picked up the R9 390 from Club 3D this boxing week. regularly 449.99 + environmental & tax. Got it for 398.97 + environmental & tax. http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=558&item_id=084998 This has given me the ability to live stream Black Ops 3 PC, Fallout 4 (more stably) and a few other higher demanding games as well making other games more stable. Love everything about it.
  11. lol this guy just say Windows 10 is trash? wow
  12. Just got my LEM last night. Took about 2 weeks of 2-3 wins and 1 loss a night almost till i got it haha
  13. Goblin

    OT of Technology

    get that shipping refunded lmao
  14. Goblin

    Microsoft Edge...

    since W10 release, i have been using Edge and have really experienced no issues.
  15. if anyone wants to run a few games after 9PM EST, add OMGOBLIN. Just lost my DMG .
  16. CSGO players in and around the London area: The Annual Forest City Comic Con is holding a CSGO tournament this year. Would 4 others be interested in teaming for this event? Details: http://www.forestcitycomicon.ca/esports.php PC Gaming will have a guaranteed prizing pool of $750 for each League of League of Legends & Counter Strike: Global Offensive (prizing pool is $15 per person registration). ***Note: For the PC tournaments a team of 5 is required and is registered by the team leader all together.*** All PC Gaming Tournaments are BYOC (Bring your own Computer). PRO-TOURNAMENT: COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE Before August 31: $47 - Important note: registration ALSO includes convention admission (full convention access). (Team of five - $235) After August 31: $51 - Important note: registration ALSO includes convention admission (full convention access). (Team of five - $255)
  17. i was not serious by any means. If you want a glorified Web Browser, go with the Mac line up hue hue hue. Surface Pros are totally worth it, and would even say they are far better than Laptops. I would never compare a Desktop Windows PC to a Surface Pro Tablet, but with a Laptop? Surface Pros blow them out of the water.
  18. Do we have the pool system like from Katowice and other events? I want a Gold 2015 Cologne Badge hue huehue
  19. i say give a laptop the same digitizer as a Surface Pro 2 (even 3) and it would be awesome. but at that point you might as well get a surface pro lolol on topic, get a macbook. Kappa
  20. Lumia Cityman and Talkman are the phones I'm interested in. Going to hopefully swap my Note 4 for one.
  21. Other than having to download and install another inital update after installation to get my 4 Monitors to work again oppose to just 1, I've been loving it so far. A very powerful operating system that can only get more powerful by adding in a Windows Tablet and/or Windows Phone.
  22. Little off topic, but being as this is the Go-To for PC threads; Just got my first Disk Station NAS set up. Went with the Synology DS215j, and have it externally accessible as long as you have an internet connection. Loving it so far and can't wait to get more into other server hardware.
  23. Accepted. I'll hit ya up later if you wanna play
  24. Awesome. What is your steam id? Mines Lottography but renamed as OMGOBLIN

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