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  1. that isnt at all what i am saying. I am saying, after that one year, no more free upgrades...
  2. Only backing what I am saying. After the first year, a person will have to pay to obtain Windows 10.
  3. Read the article i posted screenies of. What he was talking about was said after the Keynote at the Redmond Campus
  4. that is if the game isn't developed to run on a Computer as well. Fable Legends, and judging by the article I had screen shots of 1 page back, Halo and a few others are looking to have Computer versions.
  5. ONLY FOR THE FIRST YEAR. People keep leaving that rather important detail out.
  6. So.. there cannot be an option in settings to turn down video settings like every other PC game? To me, that isn't a valid counter argument. Look at it this way: The Xbox One is an Entry-Level gaming PC (like it already is). With the Windows 10 unification, it only solidifies this point. The only reason for Halo 5 not to "succeed" on a PC platform, is because no one bought it. I can say right now, a lot of PC players would play Halo if it didnt mean they had to fork out another $300-$500 just to play it. Even if eSports Halo and tournaments ran on Console, that doesnt mean there wouldnt be a PC presence. Who knows, maybe Halo 5 eSports may carry to PC. No one truly knows 100%. I firmly believe, if Halo 5 does come to PC and works cross platform, it will do just fine.
  7. How does everyone feel about the high potential for Halo 5 coming to PC and working cross platform? I for one, think its awesome. Halo on PC, working cross platform and stomping on console players . Source:
  8. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    Looking forward to the eventuality of PC vs Console games. Prepare to lose Console players . I'm really hoping the Windows version Blackberrys Hub works out. 1 messaging experience across all messaging apps. ggs, really good. As a whole, Windows 10 has a lot of things going for it and totally doing it right. Just need Devs to hop on board now. I think it's important to note that, the FREE upgrade is within the 1st year. I dont recall them saying anything afterwards.
  9. Things for me that would make Halo a good game again: - Ranking system identical/similar to LoL (Halo 5 has this now)0 - Maps built for the gametypes. To me, Slayer KOTH & Ball all need to be ASYM maps. CTF, Bomb need to be SYM maps. No mixing the two. Slayer, KOTH and Ball on SYM maps are boring as hell and no way at all fun. That's all I about require for Halo to be a good game again to me.
  10. TBH; Destiny 2 doesn't even need to happen. They could make changes and implement them through expansions.
  11. I stream CSGO quite often. In game ranked MM im only Gold Nova 1. Currently streaming some 5v5 PUG in a random server. http://www.twitch.tv/bryandesrosiers
  12. Angels & Airwaves - The Dream Walker album was fan-fucking-tastic.
  13. Not sure if it has been posted, I may have over looked it but, if you're gaming on Console, you might as well save your money and only get a display that is 60HZ. Your consoles are only outputting 60HZ so a 120HZ Monitor/TV won't benefit you at all. Just an FYI. Don't want people blowing money on a 120HZ monitor that they can't utilize.
  14. Ive just disconnected my Mixamp, as I dont use my Xbox anymore and have gone back to straight PC. but I had USB Powered by PC but ran two 3.5MM cables from both daisy chain ports to my Mic input and headset input on PC, Optical to Xbox,
  15. Sorry, no other option other than to use the custom built PC. Should be using that for everything tbh.
  16. This is how I have mine set up. Love how powerful the mixamp really is of a device.
  17. honestly, it's your laptop. Get a better machine.
  18. They just should offer a chance to pay per month for you own dedicated server for customs. The Xbone is pretty much a PC, it's stupid they haven't done something like this already. And by "they" I mean every FPS console Dev there is that offers serious multiplayer. So, Halo and CoD.
  19. If theater continues to get worse, just imagine how the spectator mode will be in Halo 5. Cause after all, Spectator mode would be more or less lines of code off of being theater mode. I give you all props. I've moved on like many others, but you all keep chugging. Props.
  20. except not. Halo CE campaign >. But that's off topic, so lets stay on topic pls.
  21. How about we discuss something they are doing right: The Ranking System. GG 343 and Menke. WP. No Re.
  22. thats not the point of my post. clearly you missed it. difference between Casual CoD vs Comp CoD is nearly non-existent. difference between Casual Halo vs Comp Halp is pretty well two different games. in regards to Hreach and H4. Something that should not be.
  23. however how much similar is Casual CoD to Competitive CoD? Still feels practically the same oppose to Casual Halo vs Competitive Halo. Might as well be its own standalone multiplayer game.

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