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  1. That isn't logical at all. So by your statement , it's the Developer's decision whether or not a game that was made is good? Cause that just simply isn't true. It isn't the devs who say the game is a good, its the community that belongs to that game. The consumers. The only reason you see devs boast about their games is because if a dev says their game is shitty, that is bad PR. You're telling me the community for any game is deemed a "good game" but their devs and the community. lol.
  2. Success does lie with the community. If the community doesn't back the game, the game isn't a success. Fact. It isn't the dev's decision that it is a "good game", it's the community, the consumers.
  3. Actually, I think you're the dense one here as you quoted me out of context. Well played, go back to Discussion 101 class pls. Halo 5 for sure has a shot for longevity for reasons Saucey posted, in case you missed them they were: Then you turn and say: Which couldn't be farther from the truth tbh. It has the recipe for success, that is truth, no matter how you see it. Halos success now, honestly, lies with the community now.
  4. True. I'd imagine they'd have a cap though. not sure the point of this reply, but well done none the less. /sarcasm
  5. until that server is full. implying Halo 5 has the longevity to keep servers full.
  6. lol @ people saying no more "host warriors". Until you run into players with 1-5MS Ping to the server your game is playing on. It will be those same players complaining that Player X has 5 MS ping over your 35-55 MS ping xD. I can't wait to see this happen.
  7. Goblin

    OT of Technology

    Building a PC is rather easy now-a-days. Just always remember to ground/destatic yourself
  8. cheaters and smurfs are in all games at all levels. you wont escape it. Although I will agree the Matchmaking system could be better, but as Proto said, for higher competition just look to ESEA, Faceit and other leagues. I agree with you Proto, everything you've said. Spot on. GGs, WP, NO RE.
  9. Made a graphic displaying my Katowice 2015 Group Stage Predictions. Greyed out obviously means I predict they lose that match up. What's everyone else's predictions?
  10. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    As it will be a completely different new version of the Windows OS that is currently ran on Xbox One, in theory, yes, Xbox One UI issues SHOULD be fixed. Rather or not it actually will be, no one can be certain until the OS goes live on the Xbox One.
  11. actually ended up finding a way to install Synology DSM on to my NAS. That trumps freeNAS. Thanks doe baby boy <3
  12. recommendation on NAS software?
  13. any gold nova 1-4s online that wanna roll with 2? add me on steam: lottography (omgoblin)
  14. I made a bunch of wallpapers with LDLC becoming Team EnvyUs. Take a look below. Link to the others
  15. Very high possibility Halo will be coming to PC as well with Windows 10. So at this point, it is all hypothetical but it still stands.
  16. I'm not underestimating at all, all I play on is PC FPS games. Don't tell me I underestimate the advantage. I mean, if you want to be constantly stomped on by M&KB players, then by all means continue using your controller.
  17. Only if its coded to be random. You can have projectile that doesn't have a random spread, and in that setting, Projectile > Hitscan
  18. This isn't a legitimate counter argument. You have a problem with getting dumped on by Mouse & Keyboard? It's simple, adapt. You guys already did it with Scuf controllers. If you want an even playing field, I guess you better get a M&KB
  19. It's fact. Both X1 and PS4 are Entry-Level Gaming PCs. Sorry to say that, but it is true. Windows 10 just solidifies this with it being on all Microsoft Windows based products. and FYI, That is Windows 8 you are running on the Xbox One. This isn't a legitimate counter argument. You have a problem with getting dumped on by Mouse & Keyboard? It's simple, adapt. You guys already did it with Scuf controllers. If you want a even playing field, I guess you better get a M&KB.
  20. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    I'm sure the Xbox version will maintain its aim assist, and the PC version some how wouldnt have it. It's entirely possible.
  21. The X1 becomes what it has been all along, an Entry-Level Gaming PC.
  22. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    could always just remove them all together.
  23. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    If Halo 5 is cross platform, you wouldn't need to stream it. Ofcourse it's unbalanced. Mouse & Keyboard beats a controller any day, but console players cannot complain about that. Console players started using Scuf controllers because it gave them an advantage and thus became a standard in competitive scenery. Sure, you don't need a scuf, but if you want an absolute fair playing field through hardware, you need one. It'll just be the same thing, only this time Console players will start using a Mouse & Keyboard.
  24. Whats wrong with having Halo on PC? Even if it wasnt cross-platform?

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