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  1. I suppose I should have clarified my self, however Cadilac did see where I was coming from; In terms of everyone else on the "Pro Circuit", Saiyan sucked.
  2. I get what you're saying. However, I still think H3 took more teamwork to win a game than Halo 2 did. On any level.
  3. I just wanted you all to know, you bunch of BE is the least ugly <3
  4. Saiyan sucked though o_O. regardless, thats how I see the Original Halos. Doesn't bother me if you agree or not.
  5. In Halo 2, 1 player could carry the team to victory rather easily compared to Halo 3.
  6. How I feel about Halo CE, 2 and 3: You want a game to be excel at individually, play Halo 1. You want a tight skill gap, btn combos that increase said skill gap, play Halo 2. You want a game that, quite honestly, require all players on the same page and working together to win, play Halo 3.
  7. As long as DICE doesn't drop the ball like they did with BF4. That exact reason I won't get Hardline. I can only hope at this point I suppose.
  8. All it will take is the competitive leagues (ESL, etc) that Twitch has a partnership with, to want to run the contract out or get it early terminated and move to YouTube. Think about it. Youtube = Google Get deals made with leagues for YouTube to partner and host the streams = Google backing. Who wouldn't want Google backing?
  9. i envy you. Id love to have a surface pro ):
  10. You should always try to hardwire your Xbox for internet tbh. From your Router to your Xbox. But for OP sake, WiFi on Xbox. The only reason to ever tether internet from your Laptop/PC to your Xbox is if you cannot get your Xbox to connect to Wifi for whatever reason.
  11. I may jump on your side for a CSGL bet, and bet on TSM winning lmfao.. just in case.
  12. Nah, NIP will stop them if TSM beats nV. dat NIP Magic bro
  13. Calling it between nV and NiP in the finals.
  14. omg, TSM vs Na Vi atm for PGL. The AWP shots this game are unreal. This stream has such good production too, holy shit. http://www.twitch.tv/pgl
  15. better angle of what i've posted on the first page plus RAM and HDD upgrade. went from 8GB of RAM to 16GB @ 1600 MHz and another 1TB HDD This is what I play CSGO, GW2, Far Cry 4 on and stream with.
  16. And nV takes GFinity Spring Masters!
  17. So close ouf. I believe in the French doe.
  18. nV vs NiP I say nV has this.
  19. 1. If you're okay with sacrificing game performance for a feature with so little importance, you're a problem with console gaming let alone gaming period. 2. Splitscreen is a dead feature 3. I wont say Splitscreen is useless, but it's getting there.
  20. "We only judge the game". And our judgement, as a consumer, dictates whether or not that product is successful or not. Holy shit, you're a dense one.
  21. I didn't say it wouldn't be their fault if the product is shitty, but it is up the to consumer to deem that product shitty - not the developers. You literally just agreed with me. "If the devs make bad decisions this leads to a bad game being produced which then leads to negative judgement from the community or just no-one buying the product." which means it is the community who makes the decision whether the game is bad or good. I dont understand how you dont get that. Before we get any farther, lets remind ourselves that at the beginning of the discussion this was about whether or not a game was successful was up to the developers or the community. Not whether or not the game was good or bad. Because that is an entirely different discussion.
  22. ^ That last sentence makes no sense, im sorry. What I meant: You're telling me that the Devs are the ones who deem the game to be "good" or not oppose to the people who are playing the game consistently, aka the consumer/community.

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