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  1. No we don't. Can be programmed out.
  2. Wow. That's all I have to say. Like Zeruel said above, it's 2015. We shouldn't have to go into game files and change shit. Well that's awkward.
  3. how upsetting. The game to end an amazing franchise isn't playable on my PC?! FML. And I was gonna drop $100 for the full package. fml.
  4. Anyone want to get a group of 5 together to run games during the week after said group is done with school/work for the day? Maybe even scheduled Match nights for CEVO/ESEA? I'm MGE on Comp. Playlist. Just looking for people to play with.
  5. strictly out of curiosity, why not?
  6. great reads. Id like to join in, i just have a hard time getting the ideas i have in my head into words for a story. Any tips for that? Other than "just start typing".
  7. Beat the games, uninstall them after you're finished. Don't be lazy about it.
  8. Just picked up a Note 4. Already installing CM12. lol Edit: cant put cm12 on a note without possibly losing some function. so screw it.
  9. I'd be down to get a few people to run ESEA on weekends at this moment in time.
  10. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    none of that are my worry. I'm just too lazy to try out lol.
  11. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    nah, waiting for full release.
  12. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    to be fair, I did point 1 a lot with Halo. So if I were as much into PDZ as I was with Halo, it wouldn't matter. Also, I played the game competitively, and Halo had population to properly sustain it (Whether it does now or not is a different topic of discussion) and therefore, I didn't care about the how the mechanics worked. All I knew was people knew how to use them better than me, so that made me want to be better than them with the mechanics. Same thing (for me at least) would apply to PDZ if it has the life Halo got to have. On Topic: Windows 10 is going to be so OP for both consumers and business users, it's ridiculous.
  13. Goblin

    Windows 10 Thread

    1. I'll probably get insanely frustrated, and probably end up smashing the console and game. Doesn't mean it can't be done and mastered. 2. The only reason to play Xbox, if a PC gamer chooses to play Xbox, is because of title exclusives which isn't because of restrictions.
  14. I know the feeling. I just got Promoted to MG2. Today is a good day.
  15. tbh, i would be fine even with a Oneplus One. You don't NEED anymore processing power from a phone than the specs in the Oneplus One and other devices that share the same specs.
  16. some plays i strung together tonight. skip first 30 seconds of blah blah blah.
  17. I'm MG1, i usually play with two other people around 7PM and unless I got something going on during the weekend, I can be on all day after 2pm on saturday and all day sunday. EDIT: We should get some clips together to make a short frag vid to celebrate BE:CSGO sections bruhs.
  18. i love the split half second you took to line up the 2 for 1. lmao
  19. forever awaiting the Oneplus Two
  20. I'm MG1, and play with 1-2 other people regularly. Lottography (ermergerblin #shquid) Edit: Can I get invite to Steam Group?
  21. because they generally are. need to throw in a minimum of $10. it's ok. I prefer betting still.

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