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  1. Thanks for the tourney again man. Doubles coming out soon? I saw the crashing fix update
  2. Cool, I saw the thread you made about crashing. It fixed my friends Vista completely. way to go man.
  3. is the plan still to reset the ranks tomorrow and put in the other playlists? What are the other playlist going to be?
  4. Can you rank down in beta? I saw someone lose 4 straight on a level 9, and he didn't drop to level 8
  5. the only thing I did was close out, and did clicked activate and then signed out of my xbox live account signed back in, closed launcher, pressed play game, and then it worked
  6. ^ same, it fixed though not sure what I did. lol
  7. thanks for putting out ranks. I can only join a little less than half the MLG severs, I tryed to change my IP and it didn't help, do you know why this could be yoshinjaa? I do have the update.
  8. Any update on ranks...? You guys must have ran into some massive bugs to delay it a whole week, you acted like it was for sure coming out days ago.
  9. So I assume that high ranks can match low ranks?
  10. are you putting in double team? I see some test servers that are named double team

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