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  1. Ah man, I insanely hype. And I can FINALLY go to events! Can't wait!
  2. Just being able to throw on social slayer and just... slay. Makes me all giddy inside.
  3. Sweatin'. He's in a full suit and the lights are glaring on him. Or he started shining his head before streams? Who knows.
  4. CE - 9 H2 - 8 H3 - 7.5 Vanilla Reach - 4 v7 Reach - 6.5 H4 - 3 H5 - 7
  5. Pure Gold. That was a great video. If you need someone to come and sit on your couches and eat your food i'll send an application ASAP.
  6. Haha, I never thought i'd use "let me down" and Ogre2 in the same post. Rip my score.
  7. APG is dedicated, undoubtedly. He needs to rest, and come back full force.
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