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  1. I think a BTB or All Star match needs to be a fixture going forward. Just some good, harmless fun is always good. Or just give @GoldenboyFTW and Walshy the reins and let them go wild.
  2. Baker Mayfield is streaming and playing with Snip3down right now. This just happened.
  3. I just went to Quaff on brewery in Indiana. Bartender noticed my Final Boss hoodie and said he liked it and didn't know Nike made those. We talked about how he watched MLG final boss back in the day. It was glorious and reinvigorated my love for Halo.
  4. This is something the Halo social team needs to jump on. Get him at the next tournament. He'd bring a crazy amount of viewership to the franchise.
  5. Matched up with who I assumed was @Knighty Knight. I was wrong.
  6. Another thing that surprised me from the stream. Apparently they already have a build of Infinite and they're running it in 4 player split screen. For some reason I thought they were far away from having a playable build.
  7. This hype is incredible. If we actually get 128 teams in attendance the atmosphere is gonna be bonkers. I fucking love it. Imagine if they do the 2v2 and in between H3 matches they cast the Ogres.
  8. Flame is about to hop on and run with Roybox and Snipedown. So much hype.
  9. Jesus Christ now we're bitching that we're going back to the wrong Classic Halo game? Get a grip, guys. We are getting no sprint, no ability Halo and I see comments bitching about it.
  10. It's almost like the community has been clamoring for classic Halo for years. Edit: Also Pog
  11. D....Did you just quote yourself asking yourself where you live?
  12. Just trying to play some casual diamond Team Arena on this lovely night and get matched up against fucking BATCHFORD AND SNIPEDRONE REAL COOL.
  13. Remember when the Halo community ran Alex out of Halo for a while? I member. We don't deserve this guy.
  14. Naded is playing in the 2K tomorrow with Suspector, Cratos, and Danoxide.
  15. I'm almost positive splyce is throwing the first series. Wouldn't be surprised to see them take series two 4-1 or something like that.
  16. As good as Ogre 2 is at Halo CE, Snipetality is equally as good at editing. Constantly amazed at the montages he puts out. *Boots up MCC*
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