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  1. Yeah, I would think that's more because mishandling a firearm can result in serious consequences.
  2. Sprint is the future... Unfortunately. The halo old guard like myself would like things to remain similar, but times are changing. I feel like the MCC is our final performance, our curtain call before the changing of the guard. So once the MCC drops, enjoy it. Smile and etch those moments in to your gaming memory. It's our swan song. Once more into the breach.... But there will be no more coming back!
  3. Chiron was a very fun map to screw around on. It's fun seeing someone and being able to predict their exact teleporter route to head them off. From the little halo 3 I played, narrows was just awful. As were the mlg forged maps. Oh hey look at all these maps that look like they're taking place in a sewage plant... All sharing a similar layout with endless sight lines. Promoting shooting skill over other halo meta game aspects. The obsession with symmetrical maps only helped murder halo in my opinion.
  4. With all the old school halo love on this forum, I'm surprised murder miners doesn't have a much bigger online population.
  5. Numerous attempts have been made to boycott a game. They fail.... They fail hard. Even losing 10 thousand sales is a drop in the bucket, completely redundant.
  6. Sniper curse. That moment you briefly switch picking up a reasonable secondary.... Is the moment you get pin cushioned.
  7. Old pretty much moved furniture into s1 and said "nope, my house". Very good game.
  8. It won't matter unless the rock formations respawns. Because even most casual players will shoot it down off of spawn, after the first week or two.
  9. I would assume it starts 10:30 local time... So about 17:30..... Whenever it starts just add 7.
  10. Goldenboy. Pulled off the blue really well. Now let's see if he can pull off pink!
  11. As mentioned in the source, I hope this gets played at Pax.
  12. Good to hear the you guys found a way around the power issues, I was enjoying the stream the other night! Look forward to seeing it tomorrow.
  13. One of the 4 horsemen didn't make it, so no horsemen matches. Thanks for the welcome Teapot.
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