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  1. repmycity

    NBA Thread

    Im kinda sad that we gave up Evan. I had him added on snapchat and everything. He used to send the cutest pics of his dogs. He wil be missed.
  2. Nah Travis is ass all around. All his good beats were co produced by like 2 other dudes. And tbh, Solo has had a lacklaster year. A cool album, but A LOT of complete ass features. Bronson is dope and I like Chance. And Danny is dope lol. Everything he's touched so far is fire. XXX is top tier, hell he even killed his verse on the ICP song he was on.
  3. And rofl at Travis Scott being there too
  4. Wait, Bino is creative and Danny ain't. Wat
  5. Hodgy and CV are like the poster child's for average rappers lol. Domo has improved A LOT and is a better rapper. I'll never forget the first time I heard him spitting on Respect off the UTI mixtape. And I have a problem with KRIT. He suffers from the exact same problem as Logic. R4 is fucking greatness, no denying that. But then he dropped another mixtape, and an album that sounded the exact same. Like, if I was a casual fan, and u put on those R4, 4eva and a Day, Live from the Underground, and King remembered in time, I'd think that they were all part of the same albun/mixtape. Just got stale to me after a while.
  6. That's a shame. I've seen him live twice and he actually was really good.

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