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  1. I've improved a lot just looking for a chance to show I'm really good now lol I need to stream tbh. Also if anyone saw me play at vegas they can vouch that I'm pretty gnarly now. Hopefully I'll be able to show y'all and make some folks happy. We shall seeee doooooooe EDIT: *Self reflection* I made a lot of excuses for myself in the beginning of H5 until not making worlds and even up to the burbank qualifier. Yes my location has sucked for this game, I deal with a lot of bug issues because of it and have clips to show, and just in general the road to being the best I can be has been one where I've been in chains hindering me. I took a break to assess myself and my health both mentally and physically because I didn't want to be unhappy anymore or give myself excuses. I worked my ass off in that time and slowed myself down to actually learn the game to highest level I can understand and not just stressing because killing things was harder than I was used to and I even continued this trend by bailing on the ESM thingy Proverb created which was a poor idea because now I have less avenues to market myself. No more excuses from me even if there may be tangible ones. I've worked hard but I haven't worked in halo 5 like I have in every other halo and that I admit wholeheartedly. My last run back to the top will be max effort, my style. Much love and I know we don't talk much Community but know I still love y'all and love this.
  2. It all feels bad man but it wasn't just goofy and I and it wasn't them. It was the whole team, as a team we played beneath what we know we should've played like and we deserved to lose with how poorly we played. We beat ourselves, but that's not to say we didn't get outplayed but we failed and choked there are no scapegoats here so please stop. EDIT: We went from playing well in scrims against ALG to just failing when it was time to show up so think about that.
  3. Literally same lol feels good to have a quick fix so I don't get out shot by spartan2353252352136 due to heavy aiming but it sucks when start doesn't work. Overall playing way better specifically consistent because of hitting start. #FeelsHeadcaseMan but fuck it #PressStart2016
  4. been saying the heavy aimer shit exists since day 1 of the game lol and I approve this message. #PressStart2016
  5. For those that want to watch, I'm just gonna stream the games now. I'll have my mic muted but will talk in the chat. I couldn't go back and find the regret slayer we lost so I only have the games we won which feels scummy lol (I bookmarked the games after we played so I could rewatch them myself and didn't think to bookmark the one we lost at the time). I will turn rebroadcasts off sub mode too for now EDIT: Sub mode is off for now, have fun.
  6. Gonna stream then probably around 4:30 I'll tweet it when I do. Finishing up some other stuff.
  7. No, but I was contemplating streaming the games using theater mode then ripping them and uploading them to YouTube. If people want it.
  8. I could address it, first thing I'll say is timing. Everything happened in very quick succession and the freedom of me telling my teammate's myself about my choice was taken from me by another party, whom was involved in the whole mixup, telling them. Since they were already told and that freedom was taken from me (to be the one to break the news) I couldn't justify anything because when news comes from a 3rd party no matter your intentions it still makes you look bad because you weren't the first to say your business. Also, to reiterate, timing. Literally as the decision was made(I was at the gym when we got confirmation of the choice) they were told by said 3rd party. I suppose the better way to handle it would have been to tell them while the discussion was being had but that brings up an array of other possible issues. Regardless it's the past and I guess where I am at and how I'm perceived is karma. Karma is a bitch right? So here I am at square 1 fighting to be back at/near the top. Those guys know I friggin love em regardless. #walloftext #boredatwork
  9. I guess it's about time I start doing that huh? In this game if people can't see your gameplay and don't know about what you lack it really holds you back even if you're an established player. Everyone just thinks you suck cuz they can't see anything lol so tip for those on the come up. Stream. Whether you get smashed or play incredibly well, the experienced players will be able to see if there's something there to work with and give a good gauge on your ability as an overall player/teammate.
  10. Haven't streamed in a while and nobody pays much attention to me which is fine but I think you'll find more often than not I've been bringing that. couple off nights here and there of course but if you want me to put up numbers that's what I have been and will continue to be doing. I only get better.
  11. Eeeeeh no excuse for that one. Not letting that shit happen again lmao dottiertree tho I've played that tag on smurfs and done many similar things in return Lolol that joe kid can shoot tho, def solid.
  12. Well, you can't be passive in halo 5. I know I haven't been streaming but I am far from passive in this game, trust me. I'll post a gameplay or two for you. Or I'll stop procrastinating and stream xD I am not the same (EDIT: meaning from regionals or prior i.e. I'm much better but I've been thrashing more or less
  13. Yup we are trying to scrim. Hmmm when we are comfortable. We don't really want to stream scrims at all but once the goat gives permission we will. We have it so you guys can spectate at least we just don't want people like streaming our scrims or anything lol
  14. FiS is good. He's improved a ton and people don't see it or see what he's currently capable of or even what he will be capable of with a dedicated team. It sucks to see.
  15. Because it's not really a relevant question to me nor do I think it's relevant in any way. I think he's a great overall player in Halo 5, certainly one of the better players, and the best on WFX overall atm. His shot can get weird at times but more often than not when he's trying and his head is in the game he plays very well. Certainly deserves more respect in H5, all of his efforts have showed I think and are much more apparent when you actually play with him and listen to what he's saying. So people can make fun of his shot but he's still better.
  16. Don't worry we will be grinding and we are trying to play tonight. We won't let you guys who believe in us down. Trust me when I say we will be grinding super hard and will become the team you know we can be. Love you guys, back to lurking.
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