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  1. I like the Prototype Str8 Sick duo. Would be cool if they stay together.
  2. Fathom if we turn off the ball changing spawns after every score/reset maybe.
  3. Okay, thats good to hear. I want to see Assault eventually, but of course with proper testing. I was hoping the pros didn't hate it for some reason so glad that isn't the case.
  4. So do the pros actually hate Assault, or just the fact it isn't an official gametype (yet)?
  5. Luminosity announced that they picked up an Overwatch team; asked on Twitter "what about a Halo team" and they favorited it. Would be cool to see them pick up a squad.
  6. I don't watch Ninja normally. Does he usually not have an RNG overlay? I know some pros have an overlay of their team.
  7. True, I can't hate on them for that. They are definitely making the best decisions for their lively hood, just sucks as I was a big fan of Quo back in H3-Reach and so I liked watching Flamesword succeed in the competitions.
  8. I wouldn't mind a Countdown remix (not really a 100% remake I don't know if it would work) in the Meridian aesthetic. Every time I look at Escape from ARC I think about Countdown.
  9. I want Triggers Pound and Optic to make it through, but I think Allegiance 100% makes it through. :/
  10. I'm so glad 343 went ahead and did the stats API the way they did. What you're doing is what I had imagined when they announced it, expect that I was going to have a system that automatically tweeted any results.
  11. This. Outlines shouldn't be on all the time. Like 20% of the time I'd say is a good balance. Mostly for use in stalemates or in high 40s TS matches.
  12. Nice on the fast response by them. Hopefully it isn't a bigger issue hidden underneath. Coli-Flag is awesome.
  13. Leonyx is working on the Renegades Halo team announcement video http://www.twitch.tv/robleonyx
  14. It needs to be Ricochet. So if you're team is down 1 v 4 you can still win the round.
  15. I could see Triggers Pound going as Optic.Nation I think Blaze's team will win the last chance qualifier.

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