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  1. For real... watching COD's pro league right now and I just wish we at least had editable team names in game. (among the rest of the amazing features of course)
  2. Hes he off Allegiance? I haven't been paying attention on the ALG drama much.
  3. I've always enjoyed your concepts, especially the UI mockups you did for the Halo games. You deserve it man, good luck!
  4. Do you know if the new observer mode will be ready at some point this season?
  5. Has 343 said what the rules on team changes are for the Pro League?
  6. If it does happen, other than the multiple ones we already want (FaZe, TSM), I'd like to see Complexity org pick up that team. Luminosity would be neat, too.
  7. Sorry for neg completely noob at mobile OT: I hope Lifestyle is okay
  8. Whatever team Ryanoob and Goofy choose to join will probably shake up the mid tier teams, as they've fit well on a few different squads lately.
  9. That would be a cool team. Still weird because I thought Goofy and Ryanoob looked pretty good on Denial.
  10. IIRC Shady Halo Kids was formed after SQ dropped Ace and Elamite for Royal 2 and Snakebite, and Best Man and Hysteria dropped from another team at the last minute as well.
  11. Yeah floating sword top mid, camo directly under it at bottom mid.
  12. Yeah Idk why the drop down in mid wasn't in the first iteration. I think they should put a raised platform down there so you can do a stabilizer jump to top mid.
  13. Speedboost might be interesting in some cases, SAW is lol worthy though.
  14. Yeah, and for any sandbox updates to come in this weeks patch. Can't wait to see that spec mode on a weekly basis, as well. Wonder if they'll get a minimap in there in time.
  15. That or do a forge variant of it. You can actually go in and get rid of some of the moving pillars that open up drop downs to bottom mid by removing the doors. You can also remove the circular platform in the middle of the map so you could have a jump up from bottom to top mid. Not saying that will fix the map, but there are some options to make it better in forge. or just do Assault on Coli, Regret, and Fathom Torque isn't needed atm
  16. A cool way would be a 2v2 as well, each gets a pro. That way their fans get direct exposure to the competitive players lol
  17. I don't have a problem with your post. Was just throwing my opinion out there.

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