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  1. MLG's been going in with the "random" content over the past months. I really like seeing the 40-50 second news vids when scrolling through my timeline.
  2. Pretty happy for Naded to be back getting in thepro league. Luminosity is pretty cool spot for them, too.
  3. Bought it on PC from amazon the other day. Waiting for it now. Just getting it for the activation code as I used the ISO method in the OP. Yup these activation servers sure are down.... I don't even see an activate by telephone option anywhere
  4. Well if the twins are staying.... how about we see that original EG squad back together? Not likely since Mikwen and Ola are a real duo right now, I know... Still Ola has improved a lot after starting off a bit slow for Halo 5. FWIW though I don't think any roster should change except for Liquid and Optic.
  5. I keep wondering how this will go down if H6 does come out on PC and Xbox simultaneously. I want PC to have a featured HCS scene, but I want the console pros to be able to keep competing if they don't have the means to play on PC or just don't want to. Rainbow Six and Smite have run Xbox and PC pro leagues at the same time. edit: And this all depends on if Halo 6 on PC is even good. It is an FPS series made specifically for consoles afterall.
  6. I think hes the manager for the Overwatch team they just picked up.
  7. bo7 triple elim edit: with 5 team round robin pool play.
  8. Stellur needs to hold the Liquid name and just drop everyone else.
  9. Fatal Ambition won the replay of fathom flag 3-0. Game 5 up next. Fatal Ambition wins Game 5. Loser Bracket can now continue thank god lol
  10. Hoping for SyA and Denial to make it in, but SyA's been struggling against the bigger AM teams. Just want to see Blaze and Tiz's names back in the "pro" spotlight again lol... edit: edited a word
  11. A 6 team Pro League with like a 12 team Challenger League (to force roster locks I guess?) would be kinda neat. edit: er 12 might be a bit much. Maybe 6 Pro 6 Challenger and online tournaments like we've been getting for challengers.
  12. Hm, thought Tsquared was doing Overwatch now. Cool if he tries to do both.

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