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  1. This. I can't name other shooters that even have deadzone options on consoles. Sure Titanfall's might be "better" but Halo's is more option than most other shooters get lol
  2. Yeah I'm sad Dynasty didn't make it to relegation but at least I can see them compete in this. edit: lol spectator mode already messing up a minute into the first match.
  3. Definitely shouldn't be taking as long as it has. We saw Observer mode all the way back at the start of HWC in March and have only seen it/ gotten any form of talk about it at LAN events since. Hopefully its soon... Ske7ch said next update but who knows.
  4. Man I really wish it was possible to do this during live events of ANY esport. Really awesome video.
  5. Yeah I liked The Sprint, actually. I hope that becomes a thing going into the next game as well.
  6. Their developer update videos are always a great watch. Jeff Kaplan is the man.
  7. I think Frosty did that week 2 or something this season. Might be wrong. Still, its a neat spot. edit: Yeah, I was way off it was last season.
  8. I don't really keep up with it, so I'm not sure how its doing at the moment. I think it has pro league on PC and Xbox (as in two leagues)
  9. Excited to see how Rig and Plaza are. A lot of flanking potential with no radar.
  10. Did the mention who might be taking over Che's spot? Maybe that is what Bravo is moving to.
  11. Stellur will actually play? Did they work it out or something?
  12. Cool to see. Its in the middle of the Pro League season though, but I wonder if 343 could give a bye week or something?
  13. And they will keep in the custom weapon glitch using the weapon pads. Now that we are getting all the reqs (I think I heard that somewhere?) there will be even more combos. Forge team at 343 is amazing.
  14. Fuck I really hope Halo explodes on PC. Its been too long.
  15. If you guys are gonna run customs on Win10 with these settings, message me on here or if there is a discord I'd like an invite edit: nvm I see the discord

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