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  1. Looking forward to it. The map editor looks pretty nice so far, too. Should have a healthy community
  2. I mean Halo 6 needs to launch on the One (or Scorpio) + Windows 10 (or if 343 Microsoft is smart, Steam) at the same time.
  3. They need to launch simultaneously. They missed an opportunity to include the observer mode in H5F so at least community members could run tournaments, but they didn't.... plus all the other problems H5F has, I'm not sure I can trust 343 to make H6 PC what it needs to be to have a successful PC scene. I want it to happen, though, of course.
  4. I think Ninja would fit well with the Luminosity org. Kinda OT but they have one the coolest logo in esports imo
  5. Maybe on the default maps, but there is a set of tailor made maps for the mode. The maps are pretty tiny, I don't think camping will be a problem for them honestly. If there is one main reason the gametype wouldn't be in competitive, its that its not on any default maps. I bet most pros would find the gametype fun as a separate playlist but not if they have to mix it in with the current map pool. Just my personal thoughts on it.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing that first roster at least run once or twice. I think it has a bit of potential.
  7. Update on that scrim with the twins with Trippey and Renegade? Don't think any of them are streaming.
  8. Wonder who could fit that spot. Victory X might be the favorite but I want to see how Cloud could do on that team.
  9. As long as this means E6 is out of Halo, I'll be fine with it. Their logo is just weird.
  10. Yeah that will be interesting. Might not be under Allegiance org itself, but they'll take their spot if this team sticks.
  11. Hmm... Cool to see Contra and Dev back together already. Danoxide stream: https://www.twitch.tv/danoxide Danoxide/Naded running with Falcated and Commonly.
  12. Hopefully they learn from this... I'm afraid of Halo getting stuck behind the MLG.tv wall. Twitch is the place to be for esports. I understand competition and all that, but Halo isn't in the state to be a flagship game for another streaming service.
  13. I think Fnatic might. I bet TSM doesn't want much to do with console esports after their venture in COD amounted to nothing.
  14. Pls no dT in Halo ever again. I really wanna see Elevate, Renegades and Winterfox back in the scene. Oh and ECHO FOX
  15. I like the idea of 3/4s of the 2nd place Allegiance team teaming anywhere. I wouldn't say Spartan is an upgrade over Naded, but it could still work. Or El Town, Spartan, Suspector, and Bubu or Shooter to keep the E6 seed. edit: Though I want Bubu with the twins. Love the idea of that on paper, at least lol
  16. GOOD. Please let more storylines develop for the AM scene so people might actually tune in.
  17. Yeah I feel you, I see it that way as well. Wasn't trying to suggest Ogre 2, FIS, Ryanoob, and Cloud as a roster, my bad.
  18. Hopefully a few other old pros try it out again. I'm sure FiS will try again, and I want Ryanoob and Cloud to find their way back on a top team. Setting changes could help them out a bit.
  19. HWC season for H5 was a fun time. Seeing players like Stellur, Commonly, Frosty, Eco, and others break out of the AM scene and find solid positions on pro teams. Having teams like DreamTeam and Noble eSports that no one gave a crap about that still did very well. (and look Rayne and Penguin are now staple parts of a top pro team.) Very interested in who breaks out this time around.

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