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  1. Super cool to see Splyce. I was sure it was gonna be eUnited, but Splyce is a cool fit for that team too.
  2. INC is probably gonna be eUnited right? Just think it makes sense they are in most other console shooters. Plus seems like a decent org.
  3. Still wishing Halo had a more active Gamebattles and Wagers scene. I think that helped COD out a lot in the Ghosts (err, maybe it was Blops 2) days to grow the scene.
  4. It could be. Though, my speculation is that we are not getting an H3A, but rather a free H3-inspired DLC pack for Halo 5 MP. Maybe a map remix or a Warzone map based off something in h3, plus H3 armors. I don't think it will be a big release or anything.
  5. They all are moving to/have moved to the Optic House? Sorry hadn't seen anything about that and would be happy if that was the case.
  6. 343 purposely messing up this event so they have an excuse to drop Open events in the future lol
  7. I don't see it as EG being bad, but Bubu's team being straight fire right now. Guess we gotta wait and see. Pleasantly surprised that Str8 beat ALG.
  8. Hope we see a few AM players light it up. Whats the rules for roster changes after this event?
  9. I originally was against expanding, but I think it could work now. I feel like the am teams are starting to get a lot better.
  10. If only... Still salty. Even if the aiming sucks, if we at least had observer mode we could run some sort of tournaments to hopefully show 343 we want it bad enough...
  11. At this point I'm just hoping Bubu doesn't get a penalty for no reason.
  12. Yep. CSGO, Dota 2, and Hearthstone. Interesting to note Halo isn't listed but in the article it mentions not all titles are revealed, yet. Must not be updated to match the Halo announcement.
  13. I remember when Proofy made an org that lasted a week, then TSM bought them out. There was rumors that was the org his team would join at the beginning of Blops 3. Not saying TSM is picking them up, but maybe Problem Solvers will look for a buyout if they reach the Finals.
  14. I'm excited for the event. But maybe others won't find it as enticing to watch, was all I was saying.
  15. Sucks 343 won't increase the prize pool, then. I didn't think about it like this, now ME's Las Vegas event is for all the marbles. A lot of hype taken from UGC's event.
  16. More from it regarding St Louis. Pretty interesting change.

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