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  1. The only other forum I would want would be a technology section. Other then that, I think it is perfect for right now.
  2. I put like 100 hours into Ruby when it first came out. Haven't bought any Poke game since then. Probably going to get a 3DS XL for XY though.
  3. Oh, sorry I just posted A ASoIaF thread. Don't know if you want GoT in here or not.
  4. Steam ID is belucheez. Main computer died a month or so ago, so barely any gaming except for Vanilla WoW on a private server.
  5. belucheez

    NHL Thread

    Pens from yesterday. :'(
  6. Did Snakebite retire again? Kind of happy to see Status Quo from 2010 being at 3/4. Get Assault back in there. Was my favorite team even before they were on a different level.
  7. Hi. Will I get banned if I say "first" in every no-reply thread?

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