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  1. This is the best part. Great for the AM teams, and hopefully growing the bottom end of the scene.
  2. I wonder if there is a time to squeeze a HCS Open in between pro league seasons? Could double as a promotion event if they decide to go to 10 teams for the Fall.
  3. I'm just skeptical of MLG.tv, and if Halo were to go back to being run by MLG, if it would be exclusive there. The COD streams on MLG tv have been great so far, just afraid of Halo potentially not growing due to tournaments being streamed on MLG.tv exclusively. I've heard mostly good things about the in-person aspects of MLG events, and hope that we can at least get a few MLG lans (and their COD LAN League structure sounds amazing, and hope for Halo to have something like that in the future.)
  4. Hope Victory isn't the one that is dropped. I like the look of that team with him.
  5. Exactly. I want to see the pros running lobbies, but I don't think any of the pros want to go through the process of actually making the settings. edit: Please prove me wrong, though pros. I want to see the lobbies. And yes sprint can be turned off. The custom options we have are actually really really good. Each spartan ability can be turn on or off, and all have at least some extra options like faster animation for clamber or longer slide distance and speed.
  6. I want to see how Suspector would do on Crowd Pleasers in place of Str8 Sick; Or I wouldn't mind Naded and Danoxide splitting off and trying to find another to2 to team with.
  7. Agreed. Fucking hate grenade hit-markers. Glad they didn't try throwing the grenade indicators like Halo 4 in, too.
  8. And the Dreamhack events will be Open events.... just gotta get the community to show up. (Which means fucking advertise, 343.)
  9. I wouldn't mind another round of no radar testing, but hopefully all the pros give the new radar a fair shake first.
  10. Well if Ola gets dropped (obviously don't think it would ever happen) then we could get Reach Instinct back, on EG. lol
  11. Tsquared and Elamite both work at ESL, and I think they are both co-owners of Str8 Rippin. Hmmmm? edit; Seriously though the Optic logo behind the Str8 logo is hilarious.
  12. Yeah found it. https://www.engadget.com/2017/03/02/twitter-to-livestream-esl-and-dreamhack-esports-tournaments/ It only mentions ESL One, Dreamhack, and IEM as events, though. Would be cool to see Halo up there.
  13. Maybe looking to sell to a bigger org after Worlds? eh... not really who I wanted to sponsor them......
  14. If its C9, at least this roster will probably still mostly stick together for Pro League and already have a pro league spot. It shouldn't be a one and done like the past few times.
  15. I cut off the stream when they started off down kinda big at the beginning. Sucks I missed the comeback. 10 team Pro League pls...
  16. I'm just happy Tiz didn't get dropped. Still hoping he can claw his way back up to pro status.
  17. So I've recently been working with an older stock Dell PC that "died" a few months ago on me. I got it to work again, and was running pretty awesome (I mainly used this PC to run Minecraft because my Laptop can't run it for some odd reason). This morning when I got on again, it does this weird force shut down thing. It isn't just randomly shutting down straight to black screen, it kind of gives me a chance to stop the shutdown if I'm fast enough, but even if I do stop it from shutting down it it will start trying again after 5 or so minutes. It goes to that screen where it tells me that I need to shut down programs before it can shut down the PC. What could the problem be? I think if it was a power supply issue, it would just shut down without even giving me a chance to stop it. Could it be a harddrive error or a messed up Windows 7 download. (I had Windows XP previously and just recently downloaded Windows 7 and I just rewrote over it without deleting the partition before hand.)

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