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  1. This sucks. Connor seems like a good dude. Wonder why dropping all but the cod team isnt an option?
  2. If there is truth to cod going 5v5, then there would be more room for Halo pros to break out, id imagine. Its all about putting in the time to get good at COD.
  3. But we still cant fucking use our thrusters under water to swim... can we get some better writers for Halo 6 please
  4. Has there been another event with top 16 payout for Halo 5? Because I swear I heard about them doing top 16 payout for little while now. Thought I read it in a blog post about Dreamhack atlanta before the season started. edit; Yup nvm I read that it was HCS Daytona. Yeah I would have preferred them to announce this beforehand as well.
  5. That is great to hear. Can't wait for this tourney. Now for the love of god can the first day not be filled with constant technical issues. I trust Dreamhack will put on a good show, though. Just the fear is still there...
  6. I'm hesitant to believe anything (even from a pro) until it's tested over Xbox live and not their own private servers...
  7. Do you know how often they are gonna have these tournaments? I always liked there was something to play for the COD players with the 2ks and 5ks that Gamebattles has.
  8. I wish they would work with you when it comes to it... sucks you have to chase down extra gamertags. Your site is insanely useful.
  9. Remember 343 thought it'd be better to spend money and "memory" on a voice pack DLC over giving us the Oddball voice lines lol
  10. Yup its new. First we've heard of what theyll do with the last spot. Seems its online, but the format they are using isn't too bad. (Two single elim tournaments, top 4 from each play in double elim bracket for the spot)
  11. Yup..... Was saying that since people were trying to dismiss his opinion because hes "not in the scene."
  12. His opinion is definitely valid. Not having an current team doesn't really mean a whole lot. He has surely been approached by teams since the new settings have been announced, and saw what they offered. So far this year the prize money is less, however we are gonna be making that up with Daytona and other events to follow, so I can't say that I think orgs will be leaving. The Dreamhack events will also include crowdfunding and if 343 is smart they will throw out some team skins to pull in interest from orgs. Hopefully attendance and viewership grow with these events as well. I can't comment on the salary part because I don't know how much COD pros make, but Halo pros probably shouldn't be making as much from orgs than COD pros imo. edit: My point, there is stuff to be positive about. As @@TheDood said.
  13. Thats fine. I still wouldn't mind seeing another kind of objective thrown in. Agreed!
  14. Eh... There is a lot of good maps out there already(well balanced and are pretty). Issue with them in HCS is that forge maps have had some lag problems over the past few months unless they are super bare-bones. I really don't want to see another Onslaught clone in Halo settings, pls.
  15. Yeah I want to see some sort of objective (but not just a neutrel flag cuz thats boring lol) tried out for it. But I think as is it could work.
  16. Yeah, you're right. It does mention the $150,000 at the top of the ESL link. Must be a misquote at the bottom of the page.
  17. https://www.eslgaming.com/article/halo-championship-series-pro-league-returns-2017-3503 LCQ (date to be announced still....) to decide 8th seed. Dreamhack finals is $100,000 + crowd funding.

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