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  1. Yeah. I mainly remember him on EVIL with Lethul and APG http://halo.esportspedia.com/wiki/Crimsix
  2. Yeah, Assault "retired." After like a week I think, Assault teamed with Blaze, Snipedown, and Ryanoob as Carbon.
  3. So any hints about when the coL announcement will go down? I see Hysteria removed all C9 from his twitter other then his @
  4. Final Boss should have been a brand. Didn't MLG try buying the coL COD roster and was going to give them a red Final Boss logo? I think I remember something like that.
  5. They have strong teams in pretty much all games they are in. GoW team has already won a few online tournaments I think. I'm not too into Smite but I think I've seen them re-tweet stuff about the Smite teaming winning.
  6. I'll admit I forgot that Formal doesn't make content. I would hope it is just from his personal interest. The content would come off as more genuine. I like what he has put out so far.
  7. I'm wondering if Hecz got on his ass about content lol I know he was messing with Maniac in the first episode of that Optic documentary thing about making sure he had "back up" content or something.
  8. There is gonna be HCS Req packs? edit: Just looked back and see a lot of people talking about it. I had no idea they are gonna do HCS req packs. That is awesome.
  9. Maybe they are getting ready to announce the new squad? I'd hope they wouldn't leave the scene so quickly.
  10. I think even having them play Breakout on an asymmetrical map and have them alternate sides each round would add a lot to it. Doesn't really need an objective change, just something to force different strategies each round.
  11. Lethul was really destroying from what I saw from his stream.
  12. Anyone leaving/being kicked off EG would be a massive surprise to me.
  13. Damn, I just did a (shitty) sig for Team Liquid yesterday.... The TL 4th spot is probably looking very appetizing to players on other teams right now.
  14. I'm hoping people give it a chance. I don't think Crossfire and Trench were good maps to showcase Breakout on. I think with customs tweaks and different map layouts(forge map variants or even testing on disc maps), Breakout has a lot of potential. I want to see Breakout on asymmetrical maps with side switching each round.
  15. This honestly was the most hilarious bullshit I've ever seen a dev pull. It would have been fine if they had a "14-day play" for the other map packs too when they came out, but nope.
  16. The idea is that it would be Win 10 App, but with Win 10 being added to the Xbox One OS, you could do it on either PC or Xbox One.
  17. So your source told your literally nothing else about forge other than that it is a massive upgrade?
  18. I'd hope it was just because it was an earlier build.... That or forge isn't in game at all... but a separate app. (The speculation that it could be a win 10 app, or just a separate Xbox One app even.)

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