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  1. They won't change any settings while we lead up to HWC imo. In their mind the players have already been grinding these same gametypes for the past two or so months and don't want to be throwing something new in there. I'd expect a major overall of gametypes right after HWC, though. Any new arena maps that will be added via the free updates (and possibly forge) will be tested and by this point I'd think we will have old gametypes like KOTH, Oddball, Bomb, and Extraction to pick through.
  2. Can someone get me a link of Commonly's grab? Wasn't watching the Halo stream, just Roy's
  3. That was an awesome watch from Roy's stream. Almost a great comeback. This Left Overs squad looks purdy good.
  4. Noticed that too, but they seem pretty good towards their players. Haven't heard a bad thing about them and thats good compared to all the bad stuff you hear about Denial and other cod-first orgs.
  5. Dream Team is following Prototype and his teammates. https://twitter.com/DreamTeamGG/following
  6. Any news on Legit? Has he even been playing? I had assumed him and Goofy would team, as they always seem to team based on past history.
  7. Nice to see confirmation it will happen at some point. There is a lot of cool weapons with different abilities that could add to the sandbox in both minigames and the competitive sense.
  8. I saw Agency was removed from eSportspedia's page. Any idea what FiS and Victory X are doing?
  9. First thing I did was boot up Countdown and yeah... it looked different for sure. Couldn't place what was wrong but I guess it could have been the shaders. I hope its fixed soon.
  10. Online Qualifier #1 map pool. (EDIT: Wait its only for German, South Africa, and Middle East. My bad) http://play.eslgaming.com/halo/news/261928
  11. Velocity drops their team. Eccentrik dropped departs from the team too.
  12. I believe Crowd Pleasers will be under Justus. The other day the Justus twitter tweeted out Nemassist's and Commonly's streams.
  13. I didn't know they left Vexx already lol What happened? edit: Oh it just happened. Sorry didn't read the last few pages.
  14. Justus tweeted out Commonly's and Nemmassist's streams earlier. Not sure if #intel or not
  15. All these new tricks are exactly what I hoped would happen with the introduction of the new movement abilities. So many cool new tricks already.
  16. Optic is going through the beatings but if they can stick together and persevere they will prove to all their fans that they have the heart of champions. Maybe they place Top 16 at HWC.... maybe they don't even make it past the qualifier but as long as they are FIGHTING for their Green Wall, everybody wins.

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