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  1. Lets hope the MCC patch is actually a success. Could get in a few tournaments using H2A before the next mainline Halo.
  2. If anything we should have used Breakout. Can't imagine how intense that gametype would be at a high level.
  3. I thought LG was in for the long haul too, tbh. Hopefully they return. Commonly's team, if they do well this weekend, will be a good grab for any three of those orgs if they want to return.
  4. Yeah HCS and Halo twitter have been going in for Orlando. Great to see.
  5. Contra's team might be Elevate http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xboxone/halo-5-guardians/team/29872729
  6. Out of open I expect the teams to be: Suspector's team, Wise, Commonly's team, and Contra's team.
  7. Extraction (kinda) is possible in H5 due to scripting. edit: More info https://www.forgehub.com/maps/mercy-extraction-variant.5883/ *Gamers: Sites are captured by pressing the 'Interact' button either 2 or 3 times depending on whether you are capping it initially or stealing it. A sound plays when an enemy is attempting to capture. This pauses the countdown towards scoring (if other team aleady possesses) by subtracting 3 sec from the elapsed time. If tied at end of the round, game will create a sudden death situation where the team currently holding the site when time runs out, gains a point and wins.
  8. We need something new after this season. Hopefully 343 get it working.
  9. Yeah youre right. I had totally forgot about the bubu / shooter thing.
  10. Gonna be interesting seeing the roster scramble leading up to the first event. I know its online, but can't wait for the GB matches to start.
  11. is APG still gonna play? Guess him and Ace will be a duo again .
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