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  1. Well obviously....I'm talking about supers, shotguns, and fusions rifles. Supers are essentially free kills. Yes you can counter them to an extent. But not consistently. Especially if you don't have your super ready. Shotguns and fusions are just lame. Shotguns aren't TOO terrible now. But fusions still need nerfed. Fusions rifles are just ********. You should not be able to one shot people at range unless you're getting a sniper headshot. All you have to do is watch your kill feed. 90% of the kills in this game are either shotguns, fusion rifles, beatdowns, or supers. Primary guns my butt. People hardly use their primaries. The healthy perks for warlock and titan are freakin ridiculous too. Because a warlock is ******** and gets a beatdown he has an overshield for a second and can absorb 2 or 3 more shots? There's way to many little things like that that just break skill in this game. It's a fun game still....but ya...
  2. Too many people stuck in the past. H2 was good and all, but seriously. Halo 3 was good and all, but seriously. Halo 5 is looking to be pretty sweet. H2A was/is fabulous. I'd play H2A over any of the old Halos because it's got the competitive support. and 2. Its just good. I'd also play Halo 5 over the older ones because it's got competitive support, etc. and it's a good halo game so far. It's more about having an established competitive community anyway with the dev support, etc.
  3. Can't wait to play this beta! Lets GO 343! Chyea.
  4. Slide is gonna be SO obnoxious if you can shoot during it though. It'll be like slide shotgun was/is in Destiny....except I won't have my throwing knife to counter it. Although I guess I could counter it in some situations with thrusters....but there is gonna be SOOO much raging from slide. Guarantee it. Well I mean.....there' will be SOO much guaranteed rage about EVERYTHING by this community....but ya.
  5. The Spartant abilities will be competitive simply because there's equal starts. Whether or not I like them isn't that important. (I don't like them)....but since everyone has them. I'll just play enough to get good with them and learn how/when to use them and counter them and other players tendencies. Just like any other competitive game.
  6. What? It's the same thing. I loved watching the H2A tournaments. There fabulous just like the old days. Of course they're not gonna feel exactly the same. That's nostalgia....remembering something as better than it actually was. Invest the time in H2A and you'll love watching it. Period.
  7. Nice dude! I live in Mansfield, OH. Don't think I can make this though. : / Wish I knew more people that were into competitive Halo though.
  8. It's cause it's just too easy to get kills in the game. Destiny's a fun game but it's WAY too easy to think you're good because there are way to many easy ways to get kills. Even sniping in this game. I like it. It's fun. But it's way to easy.
  9. the game feels pretty balanced now. Except for fusion rifles. Fusion rifles are still super ********.
  10. Dude. The cutscenes.....so freakin' good. It's ridiculous. They should just do the entire story line of Halo. I'd pay money for that!
  11. I thought it was pretty good. It's not mind blowing or award winning or anything. But it's nice. Brings Halo out of the game sphere and into real life a bit more. Which is kinda cool. They're a little short and there's not much individual plot between the episodes. I think they should have released it as a movie essentially rather than "episodes" because they don't stand alone all that well. Overall though, I could totally go for more of it.
  12. While I understand not wanting sprint. Because it makes not having map awareness much more brutal in the old games......I actually enjoy having sprint. While I didn't like Reach for the most part....sprinting in it was kinda nice once I got over the standard rage (honestly mainly grew to like the "feeling" it produced)....when I play the MCC now I find myself really missing sprint. That's what great about this gens Halo offerings. They've got all the oldschool halos for people to play. A fabulous package. They catered wonderfully to the "nostalgic Halo players" as I like to call them. (yes I know MCC is broken...but once they get it dandied up it's an absolutely fabulous offering.) Then they've got what looks to be a great "new" offering with Halo 5. With sprint.... I could go either way. Game looks pretty cool and fresh with sprint.....think it'd still be fine without sprint, but it's also fine with it. Honestly, not a HUGE deal breaker. And what they're doing with tying it to shields seems like a great balance. Does sprint change the game dynamics a bit? Yes. Does it break competitive Halo? No. Not a deal breaker for me. Verdicts still out on the SAs. I'm a little apprehensive about them....but at the same time...withholding my final judgement till I play and have some time to get good/understand the mechanics. The fact that you don't choose one as an armor abilitiy/loadout...and the fact that everyone can use them.....makes me think they'll probably be alright. It'll just take a bit of time to get used to and get good with. (which might actually INCREASE the skill gap.) Everyone will RAGE like crazy though no matter what at first as always. (might as well not even come to the forums for a few months then....cause they'll be full of children throwing temper tantrums.) People can argue about their preferences in circles all day. And that's what "sprint vs no sprint" always is. And SAs vs no SAs. No one will ever agree on these things. Ultimately, I'm liking what 343 is doing though because they're bypassing all this lame-ass bickering. They're focusing on making a skill based, multiple shot/precision shot based, competitive arena shooter with equal starts. They're just all around catering to the eSports scene. They've hired a bunch of pros. Their rallying completely around the competitive, eSports scene. Supporting events. Partnering. Etc., Etc. Which is just absolutely a win/win and very exciting.....that's undeniable. If you're not happy/excited about that simple fact then you're just a critic, a cynic, and an obsessive nostalgic.....or just don't play Halo as an eSport. (which is fine.) I love competitive arena Halo.....and as long as it still remains competitive, has equal starts, no loadouts, shooting skill (descoping plays into that a lot), and takes multiple precision shots to get kills and caters to "eSports." I'm totally in. Halo 5 doesn't have to be Halo 2. Or Halo 3. Or Halo CE. To a T. Even though I have a HUGE amount of nostalgia for those and the competitive scene in those. BUT EVEN SO.....they catered to that as well with the MCC. It's simply a great time to be a competitive Halo fan. If you don't see that then you're blind.
  13. I think this DEFINITELY has some really awesome potential. The verdict on the SAs is still out. Looks like they could be really annoying. Especially thruster and ground pound. I'm thinking thruster with shotguns and swords will be really obnoxious. And ground pound seems really obnoxious since you can dynamically aim it it looks like. But the pace, movement, and shooting looks to be really great. I'm excited about this game. (Not hyped.....there's a difference).
  14. 343 has shown that they are receptive and at least to an extent want to please the fans. They're highering pros.....catering to the competitive community, supporting the competitive community, etc. So I think they're in a good position. They can easily look at the numbers for the tournament last night and see that MCC is where it's at. 50,000 viewers? What? Chyea boy. That's the gameplay/mechanics that attract a competitive scene. I'm hopeful. But cautious. But all the moment is in the right direction at least. They're leaning into eSports and competitive Halo. That's a very good and awesome thing.
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