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  1. Should just be a best of 11 series with the winners being up 3-0 only if they were put into losers by that team. Otherwise fresh bo11.
  2. two best of 11 series. LFG. love me some top 2 teams halo in the finals "let em play all night"
  3. Yup lan is dumb and no one would show up? are you ********? it would be a posted event on the weekend obviously. And if you couldn't get off work for it well to damn bad your loss. duno how you would have all the time to rack these games up in ffa if you couldn't play a half an afternoon local tourney. and i know plunty of ams/pros that would show up even in my area. One thing i know is if money is on the line people will show up. Seen 400+ people show up for fractions of what is on the line right now. If you think the game is dead that's your opinion. also how do you plan to go to this event if you won since you work all day and can't get any time to compete at a lan. think before you speak idiot. Ps: also im sure they would focus a lot more on the states than over seas anyways.
  4. We live in a technologically advanced world and your telling me a few 100 emails and/or phone calls to have lan centers set up any date they wanted in the next 4-5 weeks for a qualifier would be "expensive". Sorry but im not buying it. It would bring so many people back to the game to practice online and go out to the qualifier knowing they had a fair shot as everyone else. Plus lets be honest. Do these online randoms who hardly play at all have a chance of really winning this the way its set up? at least with local lans it would be the top 4 advance structured event and the best would come out on top at the end.
  5. Im sorry but whoever is in charge with running this at VMG should be fired. It would be pretty simple to network around the US and world having lan centers, etc. contact them and give them a set amount of passes to the final event to give out at a tourney the lan centers could run. Could even charge for passes to compete and a % could go towards the lan center and a % back to VGM. Its a great way to network out for them and give the players a more fair chance of qualifying in a selected city near them. I mean i can't be the only one who things this is the only way a tournament of that cash size should be ran am i?
  6. Honestly this should have never been an online event period. Should have been spread across lans centers to hold qualifiers into the finals and then have like 1000+ people grind it out on lan for a weekend till top 8 for the money. Lots of people would come back to play and it would help lan centers and the game grow in a lot better way. No one should ever have to play online for that amount of prize pool in contention. Sorry but virgin f'd up big on this.
  7. Why am I not on the list?
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