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  1. Ninja at 38k viewers right now on twitch and 17k total subs holy fuck. At this point how many do you think would stay to watch/stay subbed if he played Halo?
  2. As expected. When he announced he was "taking a break" from Halo on youtube a few months ago it was basically "I'm done with Halo, but I want my Halo following to keep watching me". He's made so much more fucking money streaming and grinding H1Z1, PUBG, and Fortnite than he ever made competing, and it looks like he really enjoys it too, so good for him.
  3. There's a difference. Most if not all gaming companies have a twitter accounts for their game, and a company twitter account for community interaction. All that account is used for is to promote the franchise.
  4. How does 343 not have a twitter account? Are they that scared of community criticism? Also, if you're diamond/onyx and party up with a gold/silver smurf account to play against low elo players, you're a fucking pussy.
  5. Was it not the 'MLG Gametypes' fileshare? To open your Xbox 360 dashboard press your back and start buttons at the same time.
  6. God damn I'm rusty at this shit, only won 1 game in Team Slayer so far lol Tried searching MLG and couldn't find a game
  7. Sup everyone, just thought I'd start a thread for Halo 3 once it's launched on BC. MCC is trash and that thread is cancer so I'd rather have the discussion of this and that separated. I'm assuming at this point it's probably going to come out on September 25th, the 10 year anniversary of Halo 3's release date, even though they made it seem like it was coming this summer. I'm personally hyped as fuck for this as H3 is the game I had most fun with on Xbox since I've been gaming, although the hype may die out after a few weeks. Hope that 343 maybe gets access to change some of the playlists around so the population isn't divided so much. Talk about how good the game is, talk about how shit H3 online is lol, find players to run matchmaking or customs with, whatever floats your boat.
  8. So not only is there no H3A, but they didn't even at least TEASE Halo 6? Fuck 343 hahahaha Jesus. Such a trash company.
  9. Figured it would've been with all the exclusives they were showing 1 by 1
  10. Was 99% sure it wasn't gonna be a thing, but the 1% of me still hoping for H3A still left me disappointed. EDIT: unless they literally save it as their last game they show
  11. Today's the day boys...Who's ready to be disappointed?
  12. Haven't touched Halo 5 in forever, probably close to a year, decided to play my placements yesterday in Slayer and got Plat 1 ROFL. Any estimates on what the daily population of this game is like right now? 10k? Less?
  13. What's with all the shit talking going on with Ninja on twitter today? Saw this tweet: And this tweet:
  14. One thing about that remake though was it looked like they did the campaign with a re-skin of Halo 2's engine with updated sounds, and then for the multiplayer they used Halo 4's engine or some bullshit idk, definitely wasn't the same as the campaign which they did an amazing job on. Makes me wonder what the game could've been if it was just Halo 2 Anniversary on it's own with the multiplayer as a re-skin of all the maps as well with the same updated sounds from the campaign, instead of the clusterfuck that we got as MCC.
  15. No lol I hardly post or come on the forums anymore since I slowly lost interest in H5, I've accepted that Halo will never be what it once was and that 343 is taking the franchise in it's own direction. I still like to read every now and then just to see what everyone is posting about.
  16. There will be more players on H3 Anniversary than H5, MCC, H4, Reach combined if it does indeed come out next year. H3 shits on those games any day of the week. Halo is no where near as popular these days for a reason.
  17. Just tried searching for it and it wasn't there I guess later on tonight?
  18. This is why HCS will never be successful. Such a joke, bring back monthly LANs.
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