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  1. You may be downloading the game, but you'll have to wait until Tuesday to know if you've got it for free or not. I've got my fingers crossed for you.
  2. As much as I agree with some of the things they say, I'm getting tired of this sudden rise of YouTubers who do nothing but state the obvious without bringing anything really new to the table. They just pander to an unsatisfied community by saying things that the community would mostly agree with, the first person to do it without a doubt was that Dobbins fellow. His original videos made some valid points but when he started doing shock tactics it became clear that he was just uploading content with clickbait titles just to get views/subscribers. I mean, if people want to capitalize on that sort of thing then more power to them but all they end up doing is getting ridiculous hashtags being spammed on any Halo related video they can find because they think spamming a worthless hashtag on a random persons video is going to force Halo to change to the way they want it. I've personally removed and blocked comments and people on YouTube for repeatedly posting that #SaveMCCFirst garbage. Once is fine, but if you're posting it more than ten times you can kiss my arse.
  3. I'll have to see when I get the game on Tuesday.
  4. Didn't H2/H3 have the more balanced ranking systems? I never got the chance to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live but I've been repeatedly told that the 1-50 system was pretty much on the dot and after reading about it some more I think I would've opted for that system to come back in H3. H:R and H4 were just disasters.
  5. Disregard last post about theater, saw what people said. Excuse me while I murder a puppy.
  6. Forgive the laziness, but has anything been confirmed about this theater mode business with all the depth of field features and whatnot? I see some people mentioning theater but not much about the extra bits. Anything to go on at all?
  7. Again, I know this. My concern was with it being online, because as much as I love what they do I still have worries about them forgetting this very small community I'm part of. If it's in the game I guess I'll have to default to that judgement for the remaining 18 days but if it isn't I'm just going to be very disappointed.
  8. @@Sal1ent Pretty please can you tell me about weapon lowering online? Is it in? :3
  9. I truly hope so, I just don't want a repeat of that silly walk animation they had in Halo 4 where the weapon raises itself.
  10. I know that it's in the game, I'm asking if anybody can do it online at any point in time.
  11. Could @@Frankie or @@Sal1ent Prease make my night and say something about weapon lowering. I totally realize that this isn't an important thing but I'm a gamer so that makes me naturally entitled to everything. (In all seriousness please be nice and tell me if there's weapon lowering online.)
  12. @@Sal1ent, I have a question I've been dying to know the answer to. I am but a humble machinima maker and I was wondering that with splitscreen gone, is there an online weapon lowering system the same way there was in the MCC?
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