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  1. Damn, that outro video hit me in the feels. Fighters seems to have great communities.
  2. Never understood why they split team arena into hcs, should have never happened. Team arena should be hcs gametypes only and the hcs playlist should not exist.
  3. So this big update will enable lan for those four titles, including being able to cross connect to the 360, but still no lan capability for h5, right? I don't get this.
  4. Well then how will we beable to push the every one thats known came from FFA narritive thats talked about every FFA tourney?
  5. That's the result of a ranking system meant for a heavy populated game being used for a low populated game.
  6. Honest question, what happend to crowd funding for this event?
  7. One thing peple dont mention much is how beatdowns on sword players hardly register. Is this a known issue?
  8. Ghost said no spawns were changed, but it sure feels like they have.
  9. I disagree, I think it would only promote slower gameplay, not only would that be less fun to play but less fun to watch as well. Radar needs to be in or fully out.But testing needs to be done either way.
  10. I still think no radar needs more testing on ctf/strongholds. It is clear it would be best for slayer gametypes. Either way, more testing should be done.
  11. Settings are being changed? Did I miss this yesterday? What was said?
  12. For the love of god 343, just make a hcs playlist already, we shouldnt have to sacrifice competitive merit for casuals, and casuals shouldnt have sacrice a full 343 experience because of us. Seprate playlist, no issues.
  13. Either fix the snipes magnatism, or lower the ammo, because snipe on rig is too OP.
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