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  1. Because it's true. This generation gets so butt hurt lol
  2. Yeah. Saw it this morning, somewhere. Not too bad.
  3. Seen the 3 top places having exclusive offers: Amazon, Pinata Skull (nades dropped at enemies feet with every melee). Gamestop, Bandanna Skull (gives unlimited ammo and nades). BestBuy, Grunt Funeral Skull (explodes after you die) and an in game multiplayer map guide written by StrongSide. Seems BestBuy wins this time around.
  4. LMAO! Watched Monsters stream. Entertaining.
  5. Back in Ohio. Dayton. Moweee.
  6. I don't plan on playing it, at all. More like a collectible. But good thread there.
  7. I still have original xbox, Halo CE edition............unopened.
  8. How'd I give community a bad name? I was elected the leader of Halo fans? Didn't get the memo.
  9. HAHA! There are so many chokes. Rather watch the "invited" teams.
  10. Daaaamn, really? No hype? lol. Bet their sales boosted after the MCC was announced.
  11. Not too sure if any news has been released for a MCC Xbox One console. Saw a video for one up for grabs at comic con but not to buy. Don't own an Xbox One, but MCC is the only reason to get it now.
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