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  1. When Tashi confirmed the weapon changes for the Proving Ground and "Official HCS" settings that will be out later this week, he also said that: "early next week, we’ll be collecting feedback as well as working with top players on motion tracker options that play best with the updated settings." Since today is Tuesday: Did any pros talk on stream (or here) that they got contacted about the radar changes already?
  2. The way I understood it: Probably Tuesday/Wednesday? What they said in the update was that they want to speak with pros at the beginning of the week about radar, so it can't really be today. Otherwise it will change again next week? (Source quote: "Early next week, we’ll be collecting feedback as well as working with top players on motion tracker options that play best with the updated settings.")
  3. Thanks! Is there a "official" TeamBeyond Settings account?
  4. Do we competitive settings somewhere that the majority likes? Can't follow this here. Sorry.
  5. I hope the next Halo releases with Slayer only and less maps at launch - so we keep getting more new gametypes later on. These free updates are great.
  6. Yes, interesting. Saw you posted this on my waypoint thread as well. Everyone who wants to support this project. Please retweet this: https://twitter.com/4wingsplz/status/687686229077454848 :ghost:
  7. Really hate it as well. Takes away a lot of the tension and surprise. Sometimes certainly interesting, but makes the spectating boring if it's always on.
  8. Still looking to add a dev. Please forward this to people you know, or tweet it. Thanks.
  9. The most annoying thing about this game is how easy it is for beginners to get kills. All close-combat weapons are overpowered. You can only fight back after being shot from the side if you're really, really, lucky. The shotgun is insanely strong, which is why they only gave it five shots - and the snipe is easier to use than ever. It's like someone told the devs "Halo is about Power Weapon controll" and then they decided to stuff tons of power weapons into every map, and make every automatic weapon kill you in an instant. The newest map and weapon layout shows that even more. Overgrowth is just a complete Halo map design failure.
  10. They had a tournament called "343 vs The Internet", where the pro team played against some of the best EU teams after they had to qualify before in an online ladder. Probably not the teams you guys were thinking about, but that should offer some insight on how good they are. http://www.respawn.gg/news/halo5/outbreak-crowned-european-internet-champions-r75/
  11. We already started a while ago, but we could use 1 or 2 extra collaborators. More details here: Halowaypoint.com - API Support - Looking for a third dev for an API collaboration Let me know if you're interested.
  12. Hi, I'm hoping to get a small team together and build a Halo Stats site that focuses on Arena. It will be designed with the competitive community in mind and concentrate on showing meaningful data. The goal is to have a customisable, responsive, modern, functional, uncluttered site (dashboard/profile) with good UX that let's users view/show off their performance and compare it with each other. I am a designer and user-flows, wireframes, some pages are already ready. Looking for collaborators to discuss details, development, current and future features and make a useful site that's not only a nice Halo site, but also a website that is a joy to use (partly Material Design based) as a primary goal and respond to user requests, feedback to add extras later or make improvements. I love Halo Statistics spent countless hours looking at my stats on sites like Halocharts, Halo3.Junk.ws, Halo Tracker, Bungie.net & Waypoint or used Software like Query Spree, Halo Stats Tracker or others in the last ten years. I'm really committed and could put up to 40h/week of my spare time into this in the first month. I'm looking for devs who ideally have ... - already worked on a (technically) successful dev or web project or be able to show that they have a passion for development (e.g Github profile) - an Interest in Statistics/Charts/Data - a passion for Halo that goes beyond playing the game (e.g contributed on a Halo Community with a few posts. Reddit, Forums or elsewhere) Why no Warzone? I don't necessarily have anything against including Warzone in it's own section of the site once the site is launched. But only if the whole team is up for it and there is demand! Just send a message and say hi and we can check if our visions match up and we can collaborate. Looking forward to get to know you,
  13. Great that you updated the tread title. Now this gets far more votes. This belongs here: 71% of people voted against Sprint in Ghostayame's Poll last year on Halo Waypoint.
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