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  1. A completely different market and style of game. Counter Strike is not a triple a sixty dollar release. It is a multiplayer only shooter on the largest market for games on a platform. Imagine the impact and market share if Sony and Microsoft were to make a console together. That serves as a good analogy to what Steam is to the PC market. Halo is a big budget first party exclusive it is not going to adhere to the same standards as a 15 dollar former mod. Classic Halo is not profitable in the modern market unfortunately and 343 is trying to take steps to keep some aspects of Halo's core intact. We do not know about if their efforts are in vain but they are attempting a very precarious and difficult balancing act.
  2. I know this sounds like heresy but I am fine with he new rocket launcher assuming one thing. That the old SPNKR returns as a legendary power weapon. That allows the weapon to be more powerful and carry unique mechanics that would otherwise break the game and make the weapon super OP.
  3. Poorly Destiny's multiplayer is pretty bog standard. Remove gear customazation and supers and it could easily be a budget title mechanically. Iron Banner is fun because level matters and attributes of gear carry great meaning. The real competive side to Destiny is the endgame player v enemy content. The raids are incredibly diverse and challenging experiences. That is the only thing that makes Destiny good.
  4. This is probably a stupid idea and will not work but a solution for sprint may exist. A significant amount if not all the drawbacks of sprint could be negated by shrinking the interval between sprint and walking speed. Imagine if walking speed is bumped to 110 to 115 and sprint speed is 120-125. You gun is up more of the time and maps shrink without geometry changes. The 10 to 15 percent boost is negatble for high level play and the casuals get sprint in the game. I have not played the game but it seems like that could work especially if the ramp to terminal velocity time is increased. Guardians from what I have seen has potential to be a competive title it may not be classic Halo but base features needed for a competive title are present (spectator mode, robust ranking system, developer support for events, and so on).
  5. Destiny will never be a competitive title nor is it intended to be. Its mechanics are way too inconsistent for a competitive player v player title. Player v enemy content is a different matter but a ranking system is not needed in that case.
  6. I was talking more about the mechanics than aesthetics. The movement mechanics that Cysis used which seem to be the hot thing now. Even those are modern take on things like rocket jumping and very fast movement speeds from the golden age of PC arena fps. Aesthetically Halo in the beginning was nothing special. It was kind of an Aliens and 1980s science fiction knockoff. It was not until Halo 2 that you really got a defined Halo aesthetic mostly thanks to Covenant and Forerunner architecture. Halo's universe was at first kind of a Aliens knockoff but has since grown.
  7. Crysis has served as the basis for the "next generation" of fps. Advance Warfare and Guardians borrow heavily from the series. Guardians may not feel like Halo but the movement system seems well designed.
  8. I doubt that 343 will remove any maps we see from the beta. They look like they are complete and will see tweaks but not removal. Most of the development has already being done. I am guessing that the final game will have 3 Covenant themed maps. Named for the each of the Covenant Hierarchs during the 9th Age of Reclamation: Truth (Ship and Covenant Themed), Regret (Nature and Covenant Themed), and Mercy (Flood? and Covenant Themed). The inclusion of these names and the Prophets Bain may indicate the return of the San Shyuum (Prophets) in some capacity.
  9. The more I think about sprint could work in Halo but this sprint would not behave like it does in other games. You would hold down the button/stick just with conventional sprint but speed builds up slowly (turning sprint into more of a long buildup speed boost). You reach terminal velocity in 2-5 seconds and before terminal velocity is reached it is possible to be knocked back to normal speed. This would also be a gun up solution. You can shoot while in this speed boost but weapon accuracy and aim assist decreases proportional to the speed you are traveling. The shield recharge penalty still exists. The gap between normal and terminal speed is lessened (with base speed being increased). In my opinion this strikes a good balance between appealing to new players and old veterans. This will probably be met with a ton of points picking it apart but it is a new prospective on a old problem,
  10. Some people are just ignorant that is all. Although from experience this person does seem to take it to excess.
  11. The system depends on player count more than anything. If it is high enough it will work out well (since competition for spots in higher tiers will be more intense) . The 1-50 system is broken in terms of what other games do. The system was fine when it was introduced in 2004 with Halo 2 but not with the advancements since then.
  12. Feel the same way also, great discussion happens here and I should have been active here instead of Waypoint (I spend a ton of time at Halo Archive on backend stuff similar to what you do and in general since I am massive lore nut. Which means I usually only keep up with one other community at a time) . It was from a person who has major issues with Team Beyond and someone a staff member would know about.
  13. I do rekt people all the time in lore debates (knowledge of obscure characters and events helps in that regard) so I am used to the first response you made. Team Beyond is honestly more accepting than most Halo communities (which comes as a bit of a surprise to me since I was led astray to believe that all you were horrible people).
  14. If this is in response to me than I feel truly honored.
  15. Thanks for actually responding. I am viewing Guardians multiplayer as whole new game and not part of the Halo legacy and judging it on that basis (otherwise I would get very disappointed also). Guardians is not going to adhere to what many of us think Halo is but it has the potential (slight if you are on the pessimistic side) to be a competitive shooter. Honestly the circle jerk about sprint can become a bit much. We all know that it does not work in Halo well if at all but it is counterproductive to have page upon page complaining about its inclusion (especially when it is going to be in Guardians even with the posts). Constructive feedback is needed and the only way Halo ever has the potential to be good again (since 343 appears to have a weird rational behind some of the decisions).
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