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  1. What is that though? A broader spectrum of regions (US / EU CE) etc? or just more of CE related things covered?
  2. Hey Guys Thought I'd post a few videos that I did while over in LA for the Halo WC, below are a few 'highlights' videos that I put together as well as a playlist of videos I created for the Exile 5 team while they attended Worlds. Excuse the slightly shaking work in Day One :S Day One Highlights: Day Two Highlights: Playlist of x5 Content: If this thread is in the wrong place, feel free to move it
  3. Cool to see something like this emerge in a later Halo, hopefully they don't patch it out ;0
  4. Is there an extension that you could recommend that does download from YT in 1080 60? I've tried heaps but they all ask to upgrade to pro etc...
  5. Daym nice work dude, pretty spot on guide. The Plasma Rifle is some frustrating stuff, been whipped on a number of times with that thing haha. I seriously can't wait to jump online with CE. A local LAN group were jamming it for ages until everyone moved out of town etc so to say I'm excited for MCC is a small understatement.
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