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  1. I think this all comes down to the playstyle of the players. Halo usually forces you to control the others teams spawns. Whether its forcing them to spawn all together or forcing them to be split. You have already brought up the main counter arguments to "set tactics" and it will always come back to those. In any video game it is hard for any "set tactic" to work for an extended period of time because as soon as their is one strat there is another to counter it almost as quick. all in all Im not sure how much there is to say about "set tactics" other then the best one is to just not miss your shots
  2. And you wonder why we "always have some way of conveying [our] impatience with [you]." We aren't going to let it go until the company responsible for developing Halo isn't trying to change it for the worse.
  3. As others have said we aren't about pushing away new people we are just all long time fans, like 10 year fans, of this game. We want to protect it. There is or it least was a simplicity to Halo that has been lost in many ways. Forgive us for doing everything can to try and get it back. Us here on this site know we are waging a losing battle as 343 is able to just release a game each year to flood the community with "their" kind of gamers. All in all we just care a lot
  4. Welcome! Glad you came to the Light side. Watch out for the :milk:
  5. Mango as in the type of :goat: ??? I think you are friends with Kalec a buddy of mine he has mentioned you a few times before. If not you share a name with a Melee God. B)
  6. I play with a 64 year old every other week. You would be surprised just how old the Halo community is my friend. Glad you finally made an account though this is a great community.
  7. If you go back and read the whole thread this was already addressed. Long story short you will always have teams that use outside programs to chat. So forcing everyone into game chat puts randoms at a disadvantage over other teams with programs like TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Skype which is now right on your Xbox. You shouldn't be trying to go in without a team of people anyways and trying to implement features to aid that hurts the people its intended for.
  8. @@Sal1ent Will we ever be able to completely customize our button layout. This is something people have been wanting for years. In MCC there are a ton of awesome control schemes but there are many that are one button change away from being perfect. I don't like how for just about every game I have to buy a 3rd party controller just to get extra buttons where I need them. This has been around in PC gaming for years now and I think its time we let the gamers decide how they want there control scheme to work. As someone that has always been console gamer I have always been jealous of that feature. Yes this is key. Flagnum was terrible imo. So was auto pick up especially on games with touch return. H2A is a GREAT example of how OBJs should move around the map.
  9. Do you guys want a Breakout feedback thread? Personally I liked that you could tie a round. Some of my fav games during the beta went to 13-16 rounds. I feel like we should let them release Breakout as is and let the meta evolve before we assume that we need some sort of obj. The 1v1s to clutch rounds was so much fun.
  10. I am not sure who I am thinking of then. As I do trust your knowledge of Halo history. But I was fairly certain Contra used the stepping stone sudds at one point. Fair enough. Though it sounded like Contra was pretty serious about taking a break and we know the Sudds will want a full team asap.
  11. So did you read my post? Are any of guys seriously thinking about having one player kill themselves? That is the dumbest thing I have heard since no descope. I a team actually tried doing that they would lose every game against a team of equal skill. As soon as the other team knows you are one down they can overload a side and your team will crumble. Having one of your teammate kill themselves is laughable.
  12. I think you missed the part where Contra left RC to play with Optic a while back.
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