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  1. Neat concept, but if I really wanted a friend to play I would probably just buy them the game.
  2. Perfect, I will have to give it a try this weekend. 0.0
  3. I might, but I am stationed in Korea, so I might lag if I play with them. Can still give it a try though.
  4. Lol I kinda wish I was on their team but it was a good game. Kinda wish I could find out who exactly I played against, so I could see what they do at 343.
  5. I'll never win but I'll have fun playing.
  6. I would love a new game, or HD remake. I LOVED Hit and Run. I put countless hours into that game.
  7. I agree he's subpar. I don't agree with the obnoxious part.
  8. Started a list on twitter with Halo pro's. I know some are missing, I am still adding. Feel free to help link me to more in case I miss some people. https://twitter.com/Mestyyy/lists/halo-pro-s
  9. [tweet=https://twitter.com/Mikwen_nV/status/691234333215080448] Only a matter of time...
  10. I would, as long as my connection play's nice. I'm in Korea so I might have bad connections.
  11. Well I have no excuse...I am stationed in Korea, so it's 7:34 PM here lol.

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